How difficult is it to thank someone for just their mere presence in our life and appreciate them ? We have forgotten one thing that theres always something to be thankful for, one could be thankful for a new day in his/her life, or to have amazing people around you without whom once family would have no meaning at all. Instead we end up hurting our near n dear ones, not only them, we start hurting our life even in some way or the other. We become preoccupied and too comfortable that for us, every relationship means the same and slowly we forget their importance and value in our life.

To change this trend of not appreciating one another we need to start understanding and valuing every single relationship in our life. It may be with our parents, our partner, our siblings, our children and our grandparents. We really need to understand their importance in our life, without these relationships one will be empty, empty from inside. Randomly just thank them just for being a part of your life. You know what would be much better, when you would thank them for letting you be a part of their life, because even we are aware of that without them we will never be happy and somewhere even scared of loosing them. Just randomly letting them know that they mean the world to you would change everything. Even if there has been some grudge in the past, wouldn’t matter after they know how you truly feel about them.

Doing this is not easy, but not even that difficult. Everyday just being thankful for something or the other will automatically turn into a habit. Once you start with your loved ones slowly you will see that theres so many other things in life, for instance right now I’m thankful for my laptop and the internet connection, without them I wouldn’t have been able to share my thoughts with all you readers out there. Same way every single day start understanding the importance of everyone and everything, in return all you will receive is happiness. You would love it if your loved one truly appreciated you, right? The same way even your family deserves the same amount of happiness. When one shares his/hers happiness with others , it always multiplies.

Be thankful to everyone and everything in your life, it will make you happy from within.


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