Where theres a will, Theres always a way ..

I have not got time to post something past couple of days, lot has been going around. The only best thing I realized about it is that where theres a will, theres always a way, all you have to do is have faith in it and it has just brought me close to God and myself all over again.

I have never been a person to give up on something so easily, as the matter of fact no one should give up. Only after falling one learns to stand back again. When you do decide willingly to stand again, God is always there to help you. He will open all the doors for you and one just needs to choose the best door being sure that it will change your life in a positive way. You also have to remember that whatever door you choose will affect on your loved ones. So select wisely.

We all are like children adapting and learning from our mistakes through out the journey of life. We should even remember that not to let our past experiences take us off from the right path. Never give up should be our motto. Stronger the will and believe, faster we will reach to the right way leading us to happiness.


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