Love is the pure form of emotions.

Its been a pretty hard week. Going through a lot of changes and things happening in life. But still hoping that God makes things better. Praying God shows me the right path. Everyday I’m learning new things from everything. Never loose your identity is one of them. Loving that someone special is always a great feeling but having your own identity along with loving that someone is what will make your life beautiful. We end up doing things according to your loved ones in return forgetting ourself.

We become so dependent upon one another, that after a point of time either one starts to feel too caught up. Thats a situation which should never arrive. Unfortunately it does. You then don’t understand what should be the next step to make it right. It becomes tough to understand and handle the situation. But why do we tend to forget the love which is there between the two. When you love someone, you put your heart and soul into it. During difficult times instead of holding on to the love we start pushing them away from our self, which is not fair. Love is the pure form of emotions and lucky are those who are in love. We forget that. We all do.

Its very difficult to find a true love, when you do cherish it, appreciate it, adore it, love it, go all crazy for it, love like no one has ever loved before. Never let small issues become the reason for the loss of love. Communicate the differences and try to find a solution. There’s nothing in this world that can not be resolved by talking. Talk and communicate your view point. Do not let small issue be the reason to loose an emotion which is so pure. When there’s confusion between heart and mind, always listen to your heart  because mind will know everything but heart will only know you. In anger a person takes a wrong decision, that is all happening in your head, but when the same decision is made by your heart, you will know how wrong your head was. Heart is where love resides. Heart is even pure. Heart will never take wrong decision. Its the head which makes you do all the wrong things and its the head which makes you hurt your loved one.

Do not let small issues become so big that your head takes a wrong decision which later on your heart will regret. Love is not easy to find but is very easy to loose, never let that happen.


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