Change, always not an easy one.

Today has been a rather very emotional day for me. Always knew that one day I will move out but not this way. Was living with my grandparents past 5 years in a house where i grew up right from child till today. Before grandparents shifting in with me, lived with my mother and brothers and dad. I lived in that house for quarter of my lifetime. After my grandparents moved in at my old place, mom and brothers moved in a new house, that’s where I moved in today, again with my mother and brothers since grandparents moved back to their native place.

I just couldn’t say bye to my house. So many childhood memories, so many growing up memories. Happy memories, sad memories. Memories with my dad, memories with my brothers, my sister, my grandparents. It’s so difficult to part away with a house in which you spent your entire childhood, a house which has seen you growing up. Every corner of that house has so many memories. Those walls know me, understand me, hear me, talk to me.

The packing took about one week. Today realized I alone have so much of stuff. Stuff collected over so many years and alone managed to pack all the stuff and unpack it even. So exhausting ! I cannot even believe while saying good bye to the house actually kissed and hugged the walls, my cupboards. Not kidding . Actually did that. Now feel so empty. Not at all excited to live with everyone again, but sad that had to say good bye to my house. 

I guess whatever happens, happens for a reason. Maybe there’s something good hidden behind this move or maybe not. My friend has been telling me since couple of days that it’s a new beginning in a new month. But just can’t get myself to agree with her. Lately a lot has been changing in my life, this is one of the change. 

Still remember my youngest brother was brought to that house after being born. He was like my small baby, which he is still, for me. Still remember my dad bringing the electrical operated car, me and my brother riding it in the house. Still remember those birthdays we would celebrate in that house. The fights between us, everything is all just a memory now. 

Felt so overwhelmed while locking those doors, switching off the lights. It felt like someone taking away a piece of my heart. I guess the feeling will stay with me for the rest of my life and no one will ever feel and understand how I feel right now. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. 


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