Last post was about changes, a lot of changes in life, moving with mom and brother was one of them. I must admit, living with them all over again after 5 years has not been that difficult as I had thought it would be. Its just been few days but the transition has been very smooth than what was imagined, which is good at least for now. One always learn to stand up after falling down and when one does, he/she is stronger than ever.

We always tend to doubt our own strength and what we are capable of doing. If we want we can have all the happiness we want in life. All we need is a little push. Yes a little push. Till the time we are not pushed to do something, we can never achieve everything we want. Lately I have felt that little push and do not regret it at all. Its good. You end up meeting your own potential skills which were hidden since many years. For many years you have been hiding behind your comfortable zone and feel so protected/secure that you just don’t want to come out of the it. That time if someone pushes you in anyway, always has a bright side to it. You might first hate it, feel like why me and end up hating everything that’s there around you but after a certain point of time a realization occurs that well now it has happened so lets make something good out of it. 

I had even mentioned in earlier post about having your own identity, well its so true. One should never ever loose that identity, otherwise life is not worth living. If somehow over the years we did manage to loose our self and fall down on the ground, we should take that as a lesson and try everything to stand back again. Maybe falling on the ground was the push you needed and only by creating your identity all over again is how you will stand back on your feet. Its not going to be as easy it seems but the experience will be worth, you will only learn something from that experience which will help you to become much stronger than before. One ends up knowing the side which was always missing before, which is again a very good thing. All you need is little will power and a lot of strength. 

When you feel that someone is pushing you, we end up taking the shortest and the wrong road at times. It becomes very difficult to get a control over your head again, because for the brain its unacceptable and it will obviously want to get revengeful and hurt everyone and anyone who comes into its way. That’s the easiest and the shortest solution which automatically comes into the head. What’s difficult is to get a control over the head and not let it make you do any kind of mistakes which one might end up regretting in the future. Its not that easy but we have to try, that is where the will power and strength comes into playing.  

Life is never easy, if it was then it’s not worth living. We all are struggling with something or the other every single day. The road to success and the right path will never be easy, but in the end you will surely and always find success smiling at you. The shortest route/wrong route will always begin with lot of success and happiness, but in the end all you will find is unhappiness in the form of misery and regret of not choosing the right path. 

It’s always better to face the hurdles in the start which will make you stronger instead of facing them in the end which will only lead you to disappointment. 

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