Hope and Pray.

In India the festival of lights, Diwali has already begun, the most important and auspicious day being the Lakshmi Puja where we worship to the Goddess of wealth is on the 13th of November this year. Even in my house the lights have already been put, sweets have already been made and bought, cleaning of the house has already been done a day before festival started, family is already together in the celebration mood. But for me this year Diwali is nothing like the earlier once. There’s no excitement at all to celebrate this year. A lot of things have changed and still trying to figure out how to cope up with all the things happening around. It’s not easy. 

How often do you miss someone so bad that in the end it starts to hurt you. Everywhere you go and whatever you see, all you do is remember every small things that you both would do. Especially during the festive times, the shops you visited with that person to buy new clothes to wear, buying sweets together, going everywhere together, buying diyas (small clay lamps) together so you could light them together, buying fire crackers and bursting them together, the list goes on. You start visualizing everything and hoping this year should have been the same, the reality is just the opposite of your thoughts. It’s just gets too hard for you to forget all this. You realize that being weak is not going to help you, it has never helped anyone. You cannot trouble yourself again and again by going down the memory lane, have to be strong no matter what. 

Just need to get your head straight and the road ahead will be clear. Hoping and praying for that. Hope this Diwali marks the beginning to a new life. 

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