My Best Friends Birthday.

18th November, it’s my best friends birthday, our friendship goes way back to school in 8th grade, around 14-15 years ago, yeah that long, time flies and you don’t even realize. She is my BFF and a sister to me, so today I’m dedicating a post on our friendship. I still remember we didn’t start our friendship on a very nice terms, we had our own issues regarding a third friend 🙂 . We were kids back then and didn’t know each other that good. It was really funny, we laugh about it now thinking we were such dumb kids.

It’s in the 9th grade when we became good friends and again thanks to one common friend between us two. We three would hang out in school together and after school even. By the time we reached 10th grade, I knew our friendship was thick like a wall. She knew all the secrets and so did I. Our names are quite similar, so the entire class and even our teacher’s would make fun of us, well our other friends still do. The new years parties at her place would totally be fun. We would go shop for the things required, planning a theme, what food should be there, everything would be so much fun. At night everyday we had to talk over the phone, gossip about every event that would take place after the school. All the memories are going to be so special.

Along with happy memories and time spent, she has been there with me even on my worst days, have been there whenever I required a shoulder to cry on. Four years back when I required my best friend the most, she didn’t hesitate even once to be there and stand besides me and even today she’s doing the same.

Right now she has no idea I’m writing something for her, but in sometime she will read it herself so this is for her, nutties (that’s what I call her,long story why) Happy Birthday my BFF, thank you for being there with me every time. I really have no idea what would I do without you and I mean it, you have been more than a sister to me and will always be. We have known each other and have been friends for almost 15years and I know we will continue to be BFFs till we live. You have been the best friend anyone could have asked for and could have ever got. There have been times when we don’t even need to tell each other anything and still understand a lot. We might get annoying at times but that’s the best part of friendship. I still remember in between there have been times when we didn’t talk daily but still continued to remain best friends. We both know we will stand besides each other whenever either one is need of the other BFF. Happy Birthday. God Bless You and give you all the happiness on this earth. Cheers, for your birthday and for our friendship. 🙂

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