It’s been a week since the last post, no haven’t  been busy just didn’t feel like writing anything. Not been lazy nor procrastinating but just few of my days where didn’t want to write at all. We all have our days where we just want to be left alone and don’t want to do anything, so the whole last week was my days. 

Couple of days back I went for an interview, looking a change in career, there the interviewer asked me whether i could write articles and how good my writing was. The interview didn’t last long enough, due to other reasons but when asked such a question, it just amused me a little. I told the respected person that yes I can and have even written short stories and have tried to write articles (which just 2 people have read them till now since I’m very particular). Interviewer didn’t feel very convinced, it seemed that she had already decided what to say. Well the end of the interview is totally different, but today it has made me think, what does writing means to me? 

12 years back I would write, looking at my mom writing encouraged me to have a diary of my own, was a kid back then. What I wrote didn’t had to be anything serious stuff, just the usual daily activities. Then came a phase where i would love to rhyme the words and write small poems or a small paragraph, obviously I couldn’t tell all this in the interview. Slowly got into the habit of writing everything, not necessarily a particular topic, but just random things. Now after so many years I’m not a great writer to anything, it’s just a hobby and I’m still learning the art of writing because everyday you learn something new which is fun.

We all here love to write. Words can express and convey a lot of message without having the need to speak it out. When someone is in doubt about certain things in life, he/she plans to write them down only in the search of an answer and most of the time they tend to find their answers. There have been times where have got so engrossed in what I have been writing, time or the people around or the fact that the television is on or the sound of the birds or traffic outside the window didn’t matter to me, all that mattered was a pen and a book and the story trying to complete, out of which one story still requires my attention and needs to be completed. 

Writing gives freedom, no one to tell you what to do, it’s just you and the story or article or anything that you are putting it down. Some find putting their thoughts down on the paper easier than talking. One is taken to a different world. Knowing how to put one’s thought onto a paper or a computer is the best thing one can learn or if lucky enough could be born with a gift of writing. For me a pen and a book are my friends, best part being they will never complaint to what ever I’m writing. Well I couldn’t tell all this to the interviewer, but it gave me a topic to write and post :), overall a good experience in that interview. 

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