Trust, takes a lifetime to build.

How important is trust in a relationship ? Very important. And what does one do when someone breaks your trust again and again and again and start taking you for granted ? Will leaving that person make your life better and at peace ? Too many questions keep running in mind. But in the end you know it’s time to end something which was long broken.

What does trust means to a person ? When someone keeps saying that I trust you for something it means that person is giving her/his life to you. It means that a person’s destiny in someway in your hands. It means that you mean a lot to that person. It means that you take care not only of yourself but even the person who trust you a lot. It means its your duty not to hurt that person in anyway. But sometimes thing’s don’t happen the way you had planned. Sometimes someone all of a sudden decides to break all the barriers and break all of your trust. Sometimes you are left thinking and wondering what just happened. Sometimes you are just left to think, did you actually make such a big mistake to get this in return. Sometimes someone portrays like it was all your fault, which seems easy to do so for that person. Sometimes everything starts to fall apart. By the time you realize it, everything is shattered and scattered everywhere, you don’t know how to collect yourself.

Anger and agony starts to creep in. After a certain point of time you realize it’s enough, it’s time for you to start collecting your self. You know that you will never be able to forgive but at least you can start to keep yourself happy. You start the healing process and pray that time can heal the pain, which you doubt initially but you know your strength and that you are capable enough to get over anything, so relationship is a miniscule thing when you have previously over come high mountains. You come out of it as a winner and more stronger than ever.That’s the time you find peace within yourself and you find a new you which you didn’t even know existed. So easy for someone to break you as a person, but you know you will get through it.

It takes a lifetime to build trust and a second to destroy it..

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