Small post.

It’s been two weeks I haven’t posted anything and it feels like just yesterday I wrote my last post, lost the track of time. This whole time while I was away, have been battling a war in my head with many things and still managing to get my head clear and the time away has not gone wasted professional wise and spiritually as well. I am in the process to calm my head, which seemed very difficult couple of weeks ago but thanks to my bff now it feels like an achievable task.

She introduced me to a practice and a law, simply meaning that everything has a cause and effect which is so true. We all believe that whatever happens there’s always a reason behind it and even that the situation in which we are today is because of us only. We hear these things at some point in life and some may not want to believe it until we are faced with a tough situation. I know one thing for sure that my belief in it has just become stronger and with every passing day it will only keep on getting stronger.

For today it’s just going to be a small post.


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