A Day to Life Post -1

Yesterday at night, a day after Christmas I sat down to write my New Years Resolution for the first time in my life. A little unbelievable but yes it was my first time to actually make the effort and write them down. It’s not that I never made resolutions earlier, they would just be in my mind and would never write them down the end result being I would end up completing nothing at all. By the time I finished writing 45 of them, actually 45 points, which seemed to be my life time’s pending work, I thought to myself why I never did this before, it felt so nice to know exactly what has to be done, pre planned for the next year.

I have always been a well organized person in life, but this was something that never interested me before and now I know what I was missing. I don’t have to worry about what has to be done in the New Year, 2013. It actually feels like a new me and a new beginning. I liked this change in me, with everything changed this has been the best change.

On Christmas day I was too dull and low since it was my first Christmas as single after 4 years once again. All the memories of last 3 Christmas kept coming back and felt as if it was haunting me. I am so blessed to have a beautiful and supportive family and friends, they never let me fall down especially my kiddo sister and my bff who is not less than a sister to me. They are the best people I know and always pull me up whenever I fall .

The day after Christmas I thought to myself what is that something I can do to make myself feel better, with so many things changing let’s try writing my New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 and by the time the list was complete I could feel a new me. A new me who just couldn’t wait  2013 to start even though with just few days left. Well yes I have already started working on the list, just the little things like meditating more and writing more. I plan to finish the entire list within couple of months in 2013 and hope I stick to it and I will.

It just takes a little determination and willpower to do something, which is engraved in me thanks to my father. He was and is the best person from whom one could learn how to fight any difficult situations in life and emerge as the winner in the end. This spirit in me is all thanks to him. So with full determination and willpower I plan to work towards completing my resolution.

It’s going to require some serious willpower.


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