A Day to Life Post – 2

Few days back while meditating I sat in front of an open window just to get a feel of how would it be to meditate in the open and now wouldn’t be wrong to say that it brought me more closer to nature and to myself. It was all together a different feeling, you realize the sense of calmness within you. That is exactly what we all are looking for. I just felt like a completely different person and have decided this year to go to some hill station and meditate in the open on a mountain top.

While meditating for the first time I could feel the winter breeze on my face, rays of sunlight on my face, chirping of the birds around my house and then slowly diverted all my attention on the way I was breathing. I felt as if I was among one of the birds flying my way out into the sky. The more I concentrated on myself the more it took me away from the outside world, disconnecting me from every kind of emotions and everything that was around me which was the ultimate purpose, have been practicing everyday. There is so much going on in the world, it becomes very difficult to not have a single thought especially while meditating. But when that happens your mind automatically becomes at peace connecting to your spiritual side. You feel more stronger emotionally and calmer with the issues that have surrounded you for most of your life.

I am sure meditating on a mountain top is going to be an amazing experience for which I just cannot wait and very soon I will be striking off one more point from my bucket list of 2013.

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