Short Story – ‘Ray Of Miracle’

The sun was about to rise, all she could see was a tinge of orange color somewhere far behind the sea. It looked as if sun was playing hide and seek with her with the waves vanishing once they reached the shore. She knew there was no one else except her sitting on white cold sand, waiting for the sun rise hoping that this would somehow brighten her life and prayed for some miracle to take place.

Lost in the memory lane and staring at the sun’s direction, now she could barely hear the sound of the waves. One by one all the moments of her past 4years appeared in front of her eyes making it look like she was watching some play. It seemed like just yesterday that they met and she took no time to decide that he was the perfect one with whom she could spend her entire life. She remembered every single second spent together and couldn’t believe that he could deceive her, be unfaithful. She started going through the years step by step, first thinking about all the happy moments together, the birthdays, festivals, holidays, which were way too many and countless. They made her smile. A smile which she hoped could last forever. The couple in her imagination looked so happy, a perfect couple madly in love with each other, she thought to herself. The sea shore had suddenly covered half the distance approaching her, disturbing her thought’s for a while.

Then she started to imagine and see the conflict building between the couple, starting from small fights to the biggest. She now was analyzing them and saw that both looked like 2 individuals who had their own personality and their own thoughts. A personality which was now fighting its way out, reason of the conflict between them. She felt sad, smile vanished and sadness took all over her face making the eyes moist, but controlled herself and didn’t drop a single tear, because the worst was still to come.

She looked over the behavior of her perfect man in details and it started to bother her again. Now the picture in front of her was totally the opposite to the one in the start, looked like 2 people poles apart. Frown and anger was seen on her face because this was where she had found out the truth. It felt for her as if it’s happening again, could feel the pain and the anger of being betrayed. She was once again heart broken, sitting there all alone making it very difficult for her to hold back her tears and she put her head down, letting a drop fall into the sea water since the shore which looked far away had travelled all it’s way to where she was sitting. The tear mixing in the sea water made her feel that it might be a sign from God trying to tell and let her know that He’s there and will take all her pain away. On this thought she let her heart out and cried and cired till the moment for which she was waiting for, the perfect sun rise. Slowly putting her head up, looking at the sun and it’s light, she wiped her own tears, took a deep breath and soaked the light in with the eyes closed.

She imagined the light entering her body and throwing all the bad memories out, transforming her from within. Sitting there for a while, she felt much more stronger, more calm, happy making her realize that she did not do anything wrong among the two of them. Now she felt relieved and confident. This felt like a miracle for what she was waiting, hoped and prayed for, which changed her and the attitude towards life.

Once she stood up, joined her hands thanking God and the sun for bringing in such a lovely morning into her life, a beautiful miracle which was never felt before. Walking towards her new life with a smile, to never look back again. It was the perfect miracle in the form of rays.


This is a short story I tried writing, hope you all like it.


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