“I DO”

When is the perfect time to say “I Do” in a relationship ? One really cannot say or predict a perfect time. Such things just happen, all that matter’s are the true feelings. When you truly feel that you have found the right person and want to spend your entire life with him/her, I guess that is it, that is the time you know and are ready to say I Do. But not necessary that it happens all the time, maybe in a relationship one might feel it’s the perfect time and other just might won’t.

It’s really hard to find true and a genuine person in this world and people who do never understand their value. There are people who have that someone special but somehow they manage to lose them, either they choose to go their separate ways for whatever reasons or there are some those who loose their partner to unfortunate accidents, and so on. There’s one thing common between these people that they never get a chance to say or express their love to each other and say I Do.

I met an old friend of mine yesterday and we were talking about random things, when I told her about my brother’s marriage all she said was it’s good that he found someone, a genuinely nice person since it’s really hard to find one in today’s world and it’s all destiny. I knew she was absolutely right so without taking another second agreed with her. My brother and his legally wedded wife ( LOL ) have been childhood sweethearts and have been together for more than 11years now. They had their ups and downs , which every relationship has but what’s important is that it was destiny right from the start till now which decided their future together.

It feels nice to see when someone, actually a couple get’s a chance to say I Do. When you truly love someone you shouldn’t doubt it. Never doubt the love you have. Respect it. It take’s a lot of courage to walk down the aisle not just for a man but even for a woman and is hard for some. Appreciate it. It should become a priority to take the responsibility of one another. Realize it.

Destiny plays a big role and I am a strong believer. I am so happy and proud, my brother had the courage to make such a huge decision and the courage to take on the responsibility. He is going to be a wonderful husband. 🙂 . All the best to him and his would be wife.

6 thoughts on ““I DO””

  1. Congratulations to your brother and to his wife, your right on this post, now a days it is seldom to find someone who will always be with you for the rest of your life, There are times you thought he/she is the one but one day you will wake up they are not, finding someone to be with you should not be a perfect one but a right one for you, Marrying is a matter of commitment, dedication and devotion to your better half aside from love…

  2. i must say people should learn to say “I DO APPRECIATE”, “I DO RESPECT”, “I DO TRUST”,, These words can be compelleing and opposite person feels valued.

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