A Day to Life Post – 5

All of us like traveling, there’s no doubt about that and so do I. Right from my childhood days I have traveled a lot, thanks to my father with whom I saw almost all the countries and he always taught me to be humble and never to boast about it, which I follow. It had been a year since I last traveled, didn’t go out of the city at all, irony for a person like me who loves traveling and visiting new places.

This weekend was totally unexpected. A friend of mine, my bff had planned to go attend a wine fest which was held at a vineyard named Sula vineyards, it’s around 3 hours drive from my city. She was going with some of her other friends and I had shown little interest of going along with them. But was not sure about it. I have visited that vineyard before, 2years back on the new years to bring in 2011. I had my own memories, lot’s of memories attached to that place which became one of my reason of not wanting to go. I knew my bff wouldn’t listen to me, we both are similar in this manner and the next thing I know is I am on my way to the Sula wine festival, a 2 day festival held on the 2nd and 3rd February. We only attended the first day. It would be hard to believe that this was the first fest ever attended by me in my life and I just loved it. I kept telling my bff, now I know why you go to sunburn in goa every year.

It was a fun fest having activities like wine tasting, grape stomping, various kind of food and cocktail stalls best being the live performance’s by various DJ’s playing reggae, rock, funk , soul, fusion kind of music. I just got lost into the music and kept thinking to myself why I never did this before. Why did I kept restraining myself all this time. I just let myself loose for once and tried to have fun, which in the end I did, feeling alive. It was a much needed vacation which was overdue. I must say my bff’s friends did try really hard to make me feel comfortable, really sweet of them. BFF thank you.

I took this picture from my iPhone, you can see one small part of the Sula Vineyards. The vineyard is stretched don’t know for how many kilometers.


It feels good to be back from a small trip and especially on the start of the 2nd month of this new year, not bad at all and making some new friends. Traveling more this year is one of my resolution and if I continue taking small trips everywhere, by the end of the year smilingly I will be striking traveling off from my bucket list.

In the quest of finding yourself, you have to lose yourself sometimes, this is what I learnt and this is what I did.

This was my weekend filled with lot’s of Music, Food, Drinks, Dancing and Friends. Would love to know how was the weekend for you.



6 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post – 5”

  1. Traveling is awesome. I got hooked when I was a Flight Attendant. We haven’t traveled in a year or so and I’m having withdrawal. πŸ™‚ Glad you were able to take a short trip. Sometimes, those are the best.

    1. Hey Seth. Flight attendant sounds cool .. Traveling is really fun.. I’m so glad that I could take this short trip , since it had been a year .. So I can understand what it feels like not to travel anywhere .

  2. Yes, traveling is always an opportunity to explore, discover and sometimes rediscover places, especially inside ourselves. Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts, your life with us, I enjoyed reading your post.

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