A Day to Life Post – 7.

Valentine’s Day ! Why do we need just one day to celebrate and express Love? Why can’t we express it everyday ? Some people do but there are some who just conveniently forget their loved one’s.

What is love ? For me loving someone unconditionally is love, where you won’t let your ego come in the way of love, where you will never want to hurt the person whom you love in anyway, where you will do anything just to see a smile on the face of that person, where you are just true to that person, where you plan your whole life according to that person, where you go out of your way to show that you really care. Love has many meanings. It can’t be explained but can be expressed. So why do we need just one day, why can’t we express it every single day. We have people around us those who really care about us, maybe our families, spouse/would be, siblings, but we take all of them for granted every single day, mistreat them, hurt them in some way, disrespect them or won’t even consider their presence. Why not express love towards them every day. Our ego’s become way bigger than them. Everyone is looking for love, knowingly or unknowingly. At the end of the day all we want to do is be close to someone, everyone wants someone’s attention and acceptance. If you want to be loved and cared then even your near and dear one’s want the same.

Love can be expressed by small gestures. Money will buy temporary happiness, but money can’t buy you true love. A true love is rare to find, everyone is not lucky to find the right soul mate and yet some are foolish by not knowing their value when they have found one.

We should love someone for our entire lifetime not for just one day, that would be true love.

4 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post – 7.”

  1. to certain extent agreed on the fact that i dont need a specific day to express my love.
    i express it every day..
    and yeah being with a most loveliest person and not realizing their love n care is sad way to live
    liked the post

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