A Day to Life Post – 8

‘What do you do the whole day?’ is the question which doesn’t irritate me anymore. Everyone I talk to wants to know what is that I do the whole day. Just like few days back I was asked the same question by a friend of mine and all I told him a lot of things which keeps me occupied. So that’s when I thought of writing it down and making my new post.

I am in middle of a career change, which for few people is amusing and this gives them a chance to question me again, ‘Why now?’ . To be honest in my head I always go ‘Why not now’ but somehow stop myself. November 2012 is when I decided to take this decision which will make me happy. All these years I kept doing what other’s wanted me to do, but I figured if I do not do something for myself now then when. Obviously not when I am old, that time I would love to take a back seat and enjoy my old age with my future partner. I am sure we all want to do the same. Right now I have the opportunity to choose a career which I like and instead of losing it I want to grab it. I am excited about making a career in advertising and plan to become a copy writer once into the advertising world. Since November 2012 have applied to alot of agencies, gone for interviews, following up with the agencies by calling them everyday without giving up, just like mentioned in my tagline ‘Never give up’. I believe in not to give up till my last breath it could be for anything, professionally or personally. I never give up so easily and if I do then it becomes hard for me to convince my own self to start all over again. I get my willpower from my dad.

Who ever said, ‘Finding a job is a full time job in itself’, trust me was so damn right. I feel the brunt. My earlier jobs were very easy for me to get, did not struggle so much. Now times have changed and there’s a lot of competition and companies are looking for the right candidate. In these 3 months I have been disappointed many a times, frustrated and have even isolated myself sometimes by keeping my mobile phone off so don’t talk to anyone not even my family members. At the same time I welcomed every single day like a new day in my life with a smile. It has taught me a lot about myself as a person. I have always been a hyperactive by nature but this time has taught me to be bit more patient with life. I do not regret anything anymore.

Apart from this, I am even trying to change myself, be a better person for myself and trying to attain wisdom. I am grateful to my BFF for introducing me to Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. It has helped me a lot in these 3 months by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo every morning and evening. It is said that the rest of your day depends on your morning daimoku (chanting). I see to it that my morning daimoku’s are as vibrant as possible. There’s no time limit for chanting, a person can chant for may be 2 hours in day which is divided into an hour of chanting morning and evening each. I now slowly have reached to 40 minutes of chanting in a day i.e. 20 minutes morning and evening each. My target is to reach 90 minutes before this year ends and I think I am doing a pretty good job. There have been times when I am feeling extremely low, thought s don’t seem to stay in control, frustrated, etc. that time 10 minutes of daimoku calms me down. The law is based on faith, study and practice. You need to have faith once you start chanting, study is about the law through various books written by Sensei helping us in understanding the law better. Practice is talking about it, attending monthly meetings, taking part in the activities and so on.

Then there’s my blog, a perfect place to meet all you wonderful people from all around the world. I like to read and write, so this blog was the perfect idea. Reading others posts, all your experiences teaches me so much as a person. It’s become a part of my life now. There are times when I find myself thinking about my new post. Thank you all !

In between all this I even manage to remove time for my meditating and little bit of yoga. Couple of minutes meditating clears my head. The whole day goes by in all this. I love driving, evenings are the best time to drive around. Nowadays the conversations at my place are all relating to my brother’s wedding. Thankfully the guests list and song list is complete. So many other preparations are still pending.

I have also been asked ‘why do I always keep on smiling and laughing in between conversations’, well my answer again ‘why not’ ? I like to smile and believe in smiling no matter how tough the situation gets, life shows and slaps you every time, but I believe in smiling in such situations even. It’s not immature, according to me complaining about it won’t help you in anyway, keep a smile so even God can see how strong you are and you won’t fall down no matter what He throws at you. If you try to take the smile out of me then I won’t be myself, that’s changing me and I would only change for myself, for a better me.

4 months back I was told to lead by examples and not by words, that’s exactly what I am doing, leading by setting high examples for myself and it’s worth all the effort.


8 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post – 8”

  1. Hi. Stumbled on your blog doing searches on the Internet about daimoku. Always wonderful to read about people determined to challenge their lives with daimoku. All the best! And good luck with the job hunt.

  2. That is such a strong, positive outlook, and you are so right about what you are doing. Really, so many people say that its okay to take a job you don’t love for a little while, until you get some money, etc., but really I think that it just makes you wait more years before you have a career you love! Maybe its a little harder now, maybe you’ll have less experience, but you’ll be able to do what you love that much quicker. Anyway, do not let the emotional exhaustion get to you! Keep fighting!

    1. I know. You are so right. It’s taking me little time to get a job which I love but I know I will get one soon. Everyday it’s a struggle but I believe in never giving up. Thank you. I will keep fighting and will win in the end.

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