A Day to Life Post – 10.

“Sometimes the prettiest smile hide most of the secrets and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.”

This is such a simple line yet so true. Have you ever tried to see beyond ones smile, one might be shocked and would have never imagined what’s hidden behind that pretty smile and how lonely is their life. We all try to hide our true emotions behind a smile. We all are put through different and difficult phases in life, some face the worst, which really tears them down. If you try and look into their eyes all you will find is some kind of sadness, sadness which has been caused by someone or by some incidence. These are the very people who have the kindest hearts, understand other’s suffering because the fact is only someone who has experienced pain and hardships can empathize with other’s and treat them with kindness. For this it’s essential that he/she becomes strong. No matter what hardships one faces, one should keep moving forward without giving up, they will all eventually vanish like a mirage.

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