A Day to Life Post – 11

I have been away from blogging since few days. This week has been a busy week after a long time and a fun week. One of my school time friend welcomed her first child to this world, a baby girl, around 2 weeks back, so had been for her naming ceremony this week. I must say the baby is like an angel, so adorable. Besides that I had my Buddhist meetings almost everyday, preparing for our monthly zadankai (meeting) which got over today. I was a part of the study group, the song group and was even sharing my experience. So Gakkai activities kept me busy this whole week, something that I enjoy and makes me happy.

This week’s study was on a very interesting concept named Lessening of karmic Retribution which gave us a guidance as to how one can change or lessen one’s bad/negative karma into a good/positive karma and the fact that one cannot escape whatever good/bad karma you have created for yourself by words, deeds and actions maybe in this lifetime or in former life. You have to face it. The zadankai was just amazing. I now wait for every monthly meetings because it leaves me in high spirit and I get to learn so many new things not just about the practice but even about myself. I like the fact that every single member in my group is very helpful, kind, compassionate towards other’s pain and feelings. They will go out of their way to help one another. Which is so selfless and very rare to find.

As Sensei Ikeda says in Discussion on Youth ” The fact is only someone who has experienced pain and hardships can empathize with other’s and treat them with kindness. It’s essential,therefore, that you become strong.” Now I know and can relate and connect with it. Hope you all have a great Sunday.

9 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post – 11”

      1. Oh. I guess individual karma is already a wide enough topic for class. It might be a good idea if I stick to one type of karma at a time myself! πŸ™‚

      2. Ya. It’s just got too much of matter itself. I was surprised to see and read it. But atleast now things in life get a little better and simpler once you know about it.

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