A Loner !

The other day one of my close friend just casually asked “So you are a loner ?” and I couldn’t help but say “YES, I am.” The entire last week I kept thinking about it again and again which left me with an answer that didn’t come as a surprise to me, I am loner and now I like it. Last week I have traveled a lot and all by myself, which kept me busy and which earlier never seemed possible to me. I went through the patterns of things I have been doing lately in my head and they have been all alone. The funny thing is I was never like this before.

I always loved to be surrounded by people and if I was left alone it would just make me sad. I always wanted someone around me. But now even when surrounded by people I can still manage to be alone, manage to zone out from group of people, I have done that many times now. The best part out of all this is I am not answerable to anyone. I guess with time passing by and the situations that you are put into, you learn by yourself. No one teaches you, one just learns. It just makes you a much stronger person and not to forget a much better person as well.Β 

Namaste !


20 thoughts on “A Loner !”

  1. I’m a loner too, but I find it difficult. Not the being alone I find difficult. The being with others and keeping friendships… I can make friends real easy, but it’s the committing to, that’s difficult for me. If you understand what I’m saying.
    I love to have more friends and do stuff with them, but I like my alone-time too much I guess. Keeping up friendships smothers me a bit, I think. I find it very hard in doing so.

    1. I can understand Erica. I am getting there. I loved being with friends/people but now its totally opposite. Now even I like my alone time. I guess if you try to communicate with your friends they will surely revert in the same way and with genuine friends they will understand you and will give you your space whenever required.

      1. The problem is I don’t have that many people I consider being my friends. I miss a good friend nearby where I can go to, who listens to me and understands me. I live in a small village where people aren’t open to people not originally coming from this village.
        I guess I’m the biggest part of this problem because of me liking being alone. But from time to time I wish I had a friend who was around when I need her/him…

      2. But, I keep on living my life knowing one day everything will turn out the best way it can for me… You never know what the future brings… πŸ˜‰

  2. I was listening to a podcast recently, and the hosts were talking about being an introvert or and extrovert – and how being an introvert for one of the girls meant that you love being around people, but you recharge your energy best alone. I thought this was a great description of the distinction, and definitely how I feel a lot of the time. I work best alone and I definitely need personal recharging time which I know can be hard on friends and family (especially extroverted friends and family)….

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