A Day to Life Post – 12

There has again been a gap between my posts, it’s not that I have got used to it but last week on 27th March got to know a sudden and an unfortunate news, about my granddad’s sad demise and I had rushed to my native place Amritsar. To see my granddad go made me very sad. Grand parents love their grandkids more than their own life and this is what I have realized. I feel so blessed to have a granddad like him, he always loved us, all his grandkids equally. We were the apple to his eyes.

I have always heard that we come into this world to play a certain set of roles given to us and when we complete that we go from this world. I have even heard that this life is fake and just a role play, the real life is after we die. Now somewhere I believe in it. Our true life starts after we die. Everyone has to go from this world leaving the physical body behind. We come into this world with a mission, it could be anything right from the smallest mission to the biggest one. Our entire life we keep running behind either finding our true mission or fulfilling our true mission. When I saw my granddad for the last time he looked at peace like his mission was fulfilled.

I understood one more thing which is once a person goes he leaves everyone behind to start his/her own true life in another world. I will miss my granddad a lot and I know he is at a happy place and at peace. May he rest in peace !

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