A Day to Life Post – 13

Two and a half week back I had got a message, actually a ping on my Blackberry by my friend asking whether I would come over to her place and click fews pictures for her younger twin sisters’s. We have been friends since we were kids, actually she’s a close friend of my brother and like a family to us. Her younger sister’s are with Down Syndrome and trust me when I say that they are the cutest people I have ever met. Being twins yet they both are different in personality. Their parents have opened up a library for them and both the sister’s take care of that library, right from maintaing membership details to maintaining the track of new and returnable books and so on. They are 25years old, which is really hard to believe, such sweethearts and each other’s support system which is rare to find. They were going to run an article on them in one of the local edition which is distributed along with Times of India called the Times Neighbourhood of Lokhandwala, it is circulated in selected areas of lokhandwala so my friend wanted me to click few pictures for their library, knowing that I love photography. So the pictures I clicked appeared in today’s edition with my name on one of the picture. Just wanted to share one of the clicks by me.


You can read my name on the right side above the picture. The article is really inspiring and beautifully written. Today the collection of books in their library is around 3000 across all genres. I would just want to wish the sister’s All The Best and Loads of Love. They both are just amazing people and true angels.


Sonu Duggal.


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