A Day to Life Post- 15

Today, finally I got a chance to catch a breath and write something up. These few days have just been crazy but in a good way. Right from work to attending back to back zadankai’s (Monthly Buddhism Meetings) to trying to meet all my friends to spending some time with my family. Now when I have sometime for myself it’s actually hitting me that even April has come to an end and it’s my mom’s birthday this Sunday. I didn’t get any time to plan something special for her.

It’s been crazy, something that I like. We all like that, don’t we? Some of us are happy only when we are busy, have something to do. I must confess one thing though, I missed my space, the me time, the alone time. It made me think and wonder, how important is it to spend sometime alone with your self? Now I realize that for me it’s very important. It gives me time to think, to actually listen to my own thoughts and plan out some strategy about life accordingly. It rejuvenates me from within. Gives me time to connect to my inner self. Time to listen to some of my favorite songs. It gives me peace of mind, which no one or nothing can give me today. Time to meditate more and chant more and exercise. Time to read more posts and write more posts. Time to read a book… the list will just go on.

Everyday goes by so quickly, with some much to do in so little time. It becomes difficult to keep a track of time and our own thoughts. At times I have zoned myself out irrespective of the place and work. Travelled to my place and back to reality. I am the happiest when alone, this is one of the things I learnt about myself in these 7 months. No one likes or enjoys to be alone, but sometimes you don’t have an option.

There’s a line which I like a lot, ‘stop looking for a miracle, the miracle is you’ something like that. So ya I have stopped looking for a miracle or a change on the outside instead started searching for it inside me.


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