A Day to Life Post – 19

Last night was bachelors and bachelorette party of my brother and his would be wife. I and couple of my brothers and his would be’s friends arranged the party. They have been together for eternity now, so we thought it would be better this way and a cute thing to do. Last night a person who was close to me once reminded me that I had promised to write a post during the last weekend. So here I am, one week late though. The countdown has already started. The family dinners have already started. Wedding Week Madness has begun. Just few more days to go for my brother’s wedding.

They say Love is possible after friendship, but friendship is not possible after Love. Because medicines work before death and not after death. How much of this is true? Can friendship happen after love ? Is friendship possible with the person who broke your heart in the first place? Is friendship the right thing? I guess sometime there’s no answer to such questions. I think sometimes it’s better to let go off everything. Medicine and death is the best example I could think of. Medicines only work on people who are alive, the same way once a heart is broken it cannot be fixed. I remember my brother telling me his love story, how he and his now fiancé had parted ways many years back. But now they both realize and understand each other’s importance and respect each other. That is exactly what is needed in a relationship, understanding and respect for each other. Maybe 2 years of separation worked for them and maybe for some couples it won’t. I guess in the end it’s all destiny, if it’s meant to be then nothing can stop two people from getting back together.

A Day to Life Post – 18

Just two weeks left for my brother’s wedding :). Wedding is all I can think and talk about, like I had mentioned in my earlier post because I knew this would happen. So happy and excited. Clothes finally done, most of the wedding invites distributed, my relatives will fly down in less than 10 days time. Shopping won’t finish till the end, food tasting done, decorations still to finalize. Work and wedding preparations have kept me busy all this time. There’s too much going on at the same time at home and at work. My weekends have also been busy. For now just a small post, will be back on the weekend which is just a day away :). 

A Day to Life Post – 17

Yesterday I met a childhood friend of mine, she is married won’t say happily and now has a baby girl around 2 months old. I was accompanied with another friend of mine, we both singles. In some way I felt my married friend was jealous that we are singles. She was like so you guys have no responsibility, you guys can go and come anywhere at anytime, which is true. I have started liking the fact that I am not answerable to anyone, being single all this time now. She was like I know the grass is greener on the other side, that’s when I told her ‘the grass seems to be greener but trust me it’s not sweetheart’.

All these years I have noticed this pattern, married people thinking that if someone is single that person is the happiest. That’s not always true. Sometimes you are single because there’s no option due to a certain situations that has occurred in one’s life. Sometimes you are left single since there’s no other choice. Marriage is a commitment, a responsibility, where you always keep your spouse ahead of everyone and everything. Parenthood is a much bigger responsibility, which is the fact. Here your child becomes the first priority, even before your spouse and takes up your entire time. This I thought my friend should understand. She married thinking that she’s not getting any younger so it’s better to marry. Trust me she was young when she married. I feel age is just a number in today’s world. There’s no particular age assigned to marry. One marries when he/she knows and feels are ready to take the next step in their life. It’s a huge step in life. I am really happy for my friend she took that step 2 years back and now she’s blessed with a beautiful daughter. But at the sometime I feel now she shouldn’t regret or in anyway show that she’s jealous. It was her decision, no matter what the situation was.

Past few months I have learnt to be responsible for whatever situation I am in, may it be good or bad. No one forced me while I was making a certain decision. All were taken by me so today I have come to a point where I don’t regret anything in life. Reason being the decision maker was me. I have even learnt that it’s so easy to blame other’s for whatever wrong happens in our life. How many of us take the responsibility of our own mistakes? Very few. I have stopped blaming other’s if things have gone wrong because that was my decision and not someone else’s. The same way I came to a conclusion that my married friend should stop blaming other’s and even if small amount of regret feeling creeps into her again, she shouldn’t let that negative feeling win over. Forget the past situation and live in the present, happily. Live happily with her new family and the newest member in her family, who gave her a chance to be called and addressed as a mother. The best feeling ever. May God Bless the little angel and my friend !

A Day to Life Post- 16

May already started, just can’t believe that we are in the 5th month of this year. Less than a month left for all the pre wedding functions to start at my place. In 20 days relatives will fly down, we are yet to distribute the wedding cards, shopping yet not done, gosh there’s so much pending work to do and so little time. Time flies ! That’s all I can think of right now. My younger brother is getting married, it’s just unbelievable not just for me but for my family as well.

I still remember the times when my brother and myself would fight, argue and blame each other for every small things. Childhood days were fun. I am sure we all miss those days. For me it was crazy, especially with two younger brothers around. They both would gang against me for a match of wrestling, their favorite pass time. Growing up with siblings is always fun. Sometimes I so wish that we never grew up and remained kids forever. At the same time I feel if that was the case then how would we learn from our mistakes we made while growing up. How would we get a chance to move ahead in life. How and where would we meet those people who are or were a part of our life. How and from where would we attain wisdom and learn to take the right decisions, which we still don’t. Life is simple, it’s just us and our behavior that complicates it. Every situation, every step, every challenge teaches us something, whether we learn from it or not thats our choice.