A Day to Life Post – 17

Yesterday I met a childhood friend of mine, she is married won’t say happily and now has a baby girl around 2 months old. I was accompanied with another friend of mine, we both singles. In some way I felt my married friend was jealous that we are singles. She was like so you guys have no responsibility, you guys can go and come anywhere at anytime, which is true. I have started liking the fact that I am not answerable to anyone, being single all this time now. She was like I know the grass is greener on the other side, that’s when I told her ‘the grass seems to be greener but trust me it’s not sweetheart’.

All these years I have noticed this pattern, married people thinking that if someone is single that person is the happiest. That’s not always true. Sometimes you are single because there’s no option due to a certain situations that has occurred in one’s life. Sometimes you are left single since there’s no other choice. Marriage is a commitment, a responsibility, where you always keep your spouse ahead of everyone and everything. Parenthood is a much bigger responsibility, which is the fact. Here your child becomes the first priority, even before your spouse and takes up your entire time. This I thought my friend should understand. She married thinking that she’s not getting any younger so it’s better to marry. Trust me she was young when she married. I feel age is just a number in today’s world. There’s no particular age assigned to marry. One marries when he/she knows and feels are ready to take the next step in their life. It’s a huge step in life. I am really happy for my friend she took that step 2 years back and now she’s blessed with a beautiful daughter. But at the sometime I feel now she shouldn’t regret or in anyway show that she’s jealous. It was her decision, no matter what the situation was.

Past few months I have learnt to be responsible for whatever situation I am in, may it be good or bad. No one forced me while I was making a certain decision. All were taken by me so today I have come to a point where I don’t regret anything in life. Reason being the decision maker was me. I have even learnt that it’s so easy to blame other’s for whatever wrong happens in our life. How many of us take the responsibility of our own mistakes? Very few. I have stopped blaming other’s if things have gone wrong because that was my decision and not someone else’s. The same way I came to a conclusion that my married friend should stop blaming other’s and even if small amount of regret feeling creeps into her again, she shouldn’t let that negative feeling win over. Forget the past situation and live in the present, happily. Live happily with her new family and the newest member in her family, who gave her a chance to be called and addressed as a mother. The best feeling ever. May God Bless the little angel and my friend !


8 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post – 17”

  1. Couldn’t agree more!! Carrying regrets in life is the most terrible form of wasting your time.

    Liked it 🙂

      1. You’re welcome Sonu! In fact, I liked this because I could relate myself to the first line of third paragraph. I’m also going through that phase of my life where I need to take responsibilities not for just myself, but for my family too. And in that situation, you need to accept all that comes your way with politeness, alertness and you need to be damn composed. You need to analyse what went wrong but do not have to regret about that, just need to see what can be done at your end and keep trying. And the most important thing is, all this while, try to be happy and content, no matter what. Am I right?

        And say Hi to your brother! 🙂

      2. True Puneet. You need to be happy and content with every situation life puts you through. Most important thing is learn from that situation. Everything happens for a reason, we just need to realize that, accept that and learn from it. I am happy that this post was helpful to you.

        Sure will tell him Hi from your side. 🙂

  2. Hi Sonu , terrific post.The core of the problem for many married people ,they get married for the wrong reasons .Real marriage which build on solid foundation and mutual love and respect is to be united with the one we love and cherish for the rest of our lives.Being single is freedom to travel the world, build good future and look forward to meet the other half.Wishing you the best.jalal

  3. Thank you so much for liking my post .Please visit again.Cheers.jalal

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