A Day to Life Post – 19

Last night was bachelors and bachelorette party of my brother and his would be wife. I and couple of my brothers and his would be’s friends arranged the party. They have been together for eternity now, so we thought it would be better this way and a cute thing to do. Last night a person who was close to me once reminded me that I had promised to write a post during the last weekend. So here I am, one week late though. The countdown has already started. The family dinners have already started. Wedding Week Madness has begun. Just few more days to go for my brother’s wedding.

They say Love is possible after friendship, but friendship is not possible after Love. Because medicines work before death and not after death. How much of this is true? Can friendship happen after love ? Is friendship possible with the person who broke your heart in the first place? Is friendship the right thing? I guess sometime there’s no answer to such questions. I think sometimes it’s better to let go off everything. Medicine and death is the best example I could think of. Medicines only work on people who are alive, the same way once a heart is broken it cannot be fixed. I remember my brother telling me his love story, how he and his now fiancé had parted ways many years back. But now they both realize and understand each other’s importance and respect each other. That is exactly what is needed in a relationship, understanding and respect for each other. Maybe 2 years of separation worked for them and maybe for some couples it won’t. I guess in the end it’s all destiny, if it’s meant to be then nothing can stop two people from getting back together.


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