So yesterday was my birthday and it turned out to be a good day in the end. I wouldn’t say very good but yes I did manage to enjoy my day. I didn’t let my past spoil my day, because in the end even I deserve happiness. I worked, went out for lunch and then went out with old friends for dinner. Evening I met someone who was once very close and special to me and it made me think and realize that how different our worlds have become. It even made me think about happiness. What does happiness mean? Is it always about our own happiness? Are we that selfish? Or true happiness is seeing the people you love being happy? Is it being selfless?

I feel if we really love the people who are close to us, respect them, adore them, cant live without them, they are special to us and are apart of our life, then we should always keep their happiness ahead of our own happiness. Ups and downs are apart of life, no matter whatever happens these are the people who are always going to be with you. When we truly love someone, we cannot be selfish. The day we start being selfish then our love was never true because true love never lays any conditions and is never selfish. Thats not love at all. 

I feel not to let your love turn selfish, the day it does it will take you away from the people whom you once loved. So far away that it will be impossible to get them back in your life no matter how hard you try. 


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