A Day to Life Post – 23

Yesterday after like a month and a half I had my Gosho study meeting since I am a practicing member of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. Gosho’s are letters written by Nichiren Daishonin and during our meeting we read one letter or a passage and what exactly it means and how we can imply it in our daily life. So during this time one of my senior leader shared something simple yet beautiful that’s stuck in my mind. She said “Our actions outside states what we carry inside”. I kept thinking about this the entire day and it is so simple yet so true and thought to share it with you all even.
A person with a pure heart and intentions will always end up doing nice things for others irrespective of anything. Her/his actions will speak of his good character. But if you have any kind of negative feeling for someone else, or jealousy or evil or any such sort of thing inside you, your actions are automatically going to be negative. Knowingly or unknowingly you will keep on hurting the other person, or may even be rude with that person all the time. You will never pray or think of that persons happiness reason being the negative emotions you have for that person.
In our practice we believe in changing ourself, bringing a human revolution by turning such negative emotions to positive ones. I believe in not keeping anything inside me, if I liked something I say it out and especially if I didn’t like something a person said or did, I prefer telling that person and letting them know what I feel. I guess it’s better that way rather than hiding things inside. I am at the moment trying to change myself. There are times when I do lose my temper or say something mean, but I’m trying to bring a human revolution in me. I am confident enough the change will happen and soon.

4 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post – 23”

  1. wonderful post.l thin practicing one’s belief is essential for daily living.Thank you Sonu for liking my post Wimbledon. Have a nice weekend.jalal

  2. well all i have to say i s: hearing your inner wisdom is strengthened by doing it.
    and yeah our actions , our deeds are all the result of who we think we are . out thoughts our strongest belief’s inside. i so agree with you

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