A Day to Life Post – 25!

Something that I wrote and wanted to share with you all:

Today I choose happiness,

Today I choose to let go off the pain.

There was a time when you were with me all the time,

And today I am all alone, fighting every single day.

You once told me that you would always be there with me,

Holding my hand, you promised me.

But it seems life and you had different plans,

And one thing that I have learnt is,

Promises are always made so they can be broken.

So today I choose happiness above all.

Today I let you go,

Today I set me free.

Today I choose happiness. 


6 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post – 25!”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post; it’s an important universal message that resonates with many of us.Relationships are an important part of our life. If we are fortunate, an incredible amount of people will flow in and out of our lives in our lifetime. Two of the challenges we face in intimate relationships are recognizing when our lives are moving in different directions and knowing when it’s time to let go, while moving on. I would like to share with you a few sentences that I use to help keep me grounded.

    “I am the most important person in my life.
    I always make choices that make me happy.
    I love myself without conditions.”

    Thank you once again for your poetic message.
    Please take care, stay positive and have a great day! Dwayne

  2. Absolutely beautiful poem.As long you are happy ,everything will be O.K.Have a beautiful day.Jalal

  3. Now that.s a womderful decision –>”today i chose to be happy” and what more can be more important whether u are in relationship or not , if you are not happy life seems so worthless , purposeless.
    we sacrifice, we give everything we have and never think twice in doin that. we risk it all when we love someone. but if that doesn’t make you happy and if person doesn’t value it then i think you have to make a decision her as u did . lovely poem

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