A Day to Life Post- 30!

Excuses, excuses, excuses that’s all I have been giving since months now for not posting often. But this time I have an excuse to be excited, I am traveling to Dubai in the month of November. Finally a much needed and a pending holiday. It’s been long since I last left the country. So long that now even the memories of my last trip to Australia have faded away. It’s time for some new memories and new destination. I love traveling and yet for 4 years didn’t go anywhere. Even though not too far, yet I will be visiting a new country.
I have my brother’s wife living there, the same brother who got married 4 months back. Will be staying with her. My parents are going to accompany me. I am so excited to visit all the places there. We already started making a to-do list, first being the Desert Safari. There’s one more reason of my excitement, Sky Diving, that is something I have been dying to do since many years. I will be posting alot once there I guess. Sharing my Dubai experience with you all. Can’t wait to go.


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