A Day to Life Post-31!

This is something I read yesterday morning, a message from Sensei Ikeda. Thought of sharing it will you all.


Every single word is so true. There are so many who do not choose happiness, rather they like to be unhappy. It’s a state of mind which no one can change for us, but we ourselves are responsible for being happy or unhappy. We get so attached to all the negative things around us that we don’t even realize that how unhappy we are. At the end of the day we start keeping expectations. Start taking everyone and everything for granted. We keep ¬†expectations from everything, it could be from a relationship, from work or from anything, and when the results are not matched to what we expected makes us more sad and unhappy. We need to choose to keep zero expectations from everyone and everything that can hurt us. Like Sensei says, “It takes courage to become happy”, it will only happen when we stop expecting someone to behave in a certain way, or something to happen as we planned. We cannot change a person or a sudden situation, but we change our state of mind, we can change ourselves. For this we need to struggle everyday with our own-self, because nothing comes for free in today’s world. We need to make a conviction and stick to it everyday. Conviction to be happy. Conviction that we won’t be defeated by the negativity around us. It’s only when we are going to be happy, we will be able to help others.
Yesterday I was in a low state of life and let the negativity take over me, which made me behave and react how I did a year back. I seemed to be an emotional fool again. That’s when I realised the need to stop my behavior and that why am I placing my happiness in someone else’s hand and expecting that person to behave in a certain way. That person won’t change, so best thing for me to do is change myself. I did the same. I choose my own happiness that was the best I could do for myself. I wouldn’t want to go through all the disappointment again. I guess yesterday’s incidence was a reminder to myself, I am glad it took place.
All I believe is we always need to remember that only we are responsible for our own happiness. So we need to choose wisely.