A Day to Life Post- 32!

My apologies for staying away from all you for so long. In my last post I had mentioned I will be going to Dubai for a vacation, well my trip was far way better than expected. Right from the perfect weather to all the places we visited, everything was just too good to an extent that I ended up extending my trip from one week to two weeks and it was worth it. I just loved Dubai. So many different cultures in one place, so many people from all around the world. Since it was the peak season for Dubai it felt the entire world is there, which was a fun thing.
On our first day there, we went to see the Mall of Emirates and the Dubai Mall, and God we were tired by the end. The malls are like never ending and obviously you can’t see the entire mall in one day and we planned to visit both. Never do that. LOL. Then we went for the Desert Safari and the weather was awesome. It rained that day with sand storm but still we were lucky that our safari didn’t get spoilt. Me and my sis in law rode the dune bike, recommended for everyone. It’s just way too good. Another recommendation would be the Dhow Cruise from the Marina Bay, the view, everything was just too beautiful and perfect.

We even managed to go for a day trip to Abu Dhabi and visit the Grand Mosque and I just don’t have words to describe it. Abu Dhabi is a quite place, if you are in Dubai and want to go away from the hustle bustle of the city then spend a night in Abu Dhabi. It’s a beautiful place. Apart from seeing the usual sightseeing places, we even explored the streets and the local food out there. Best of them being the falafel’s. One won’t get the exact taste anywhere else but in Dubai. Went to the clubs out there, total different experience. Saw the Al Burj Arab, walked on the Jumeirah Beach Walk, had the best Lebanese food at Marina Bay by bringing in my dad’s birthday.
I didn’t feel like an outsider in that city, felt the city adapted me, which was a really cool thing. The days when we weren’t out sightseeing, we would be roaming alone like we knew and were staying there since a long time. There’s a mall called City Centre in Deira, I visited this mall so many times that it started to feel like one of the mall back home.

The only regret I have is, I didn’t get to do the sky diving. By the time I tried to book a slot for myself all the slots were already full for the dates I was in Dubai. 😦 I was so sad when I found out to an extent that I planned to cancel my whole Dubai trip. I even called them from India before going to Dubai, asking them whether they could accommodate just one more person and they refused saying it’s all booked. But apart from that, the trip was too good. I am happy didn’t cancel it. I guess sky diving will be the reason for my next visit to Dubai. I have so many friends out there and made some few more.
I came back so fresh. I quit my job just last Friday and now I am working on my new independent project which very soon you all are going to hear about it.

Yesterday I started writing my Bucket List for 2014 and managed to write a lot. 2013 overall wasn’t a very good year for me. Coping up with pain, then loosing my granddad, 2013 has been a bad year emotionally. Hoping 2014 brings the best and happy times back again in my life, and I get a lot go work in 2014.
Christmas is just 8 and a half hours away, so wishing all my friends Merry Christmas !! I got my Christmas present last week by my loving Santa Claus, an iPhone 5S 🙂 in Champagne gold . I would love to thank my Santa Claus for the beautiful present. Thank you so much my Santa! I don’t know what are my plans for this New Years, thought was going to Goa, but guess it’s cancelled.
I would love to hear what are your New Years plans and the gifts that you get on this Christmas.
Once again Wishing You All Merry Christmas! And Happy New Years in advance!

Happy Holidays!