A Day to Life Post- 36!

Another weekend is here and with the way my life has been lately I don’t get excited for the weekend anymore. Even my weekends have become non exciting like my weekdays, spending them at home. At the moment there’s nothing exciting going on in life, like mentioned in my last post this year started on a bad note and bad luck doesn’t seem to leave me alone. Friday night was at home and I am pretty much sure so will be the Saturday night. It feels like life has suddenly stopped. The only excitement currently in my life are my yoga classes. I have been going for artistic yoga since 3 months now, three times a week and they are so relaxing. For that one hour I forget everything, I forget the world.
Artistic yoga is a bit different from the normal yoga. Yes, we do all the asanas, along with power surya namaskar (that’s what I call it). Some even call it power yoga and our classes are a mix of flexibility training, strength training and toning the body. Prior to joining this, for 2 months I went to this oldest institute of yoga here in Mumbai itself and for some reason didn’t enjoy my classes. I have practiced yoga many years back too, so was aware of the basic asanas. I wanted to go beyond that, push my body out of my comfort zone, learn all the difficult asanas, and guess what I found it in this artistic yoga classes. Right from surya namaskars to ardha chandrasana(half moon pose) to garudasana(eagle pose) to full chakrasana to natarajasana to all the pranayama, we do it all here.
I realized how important it is to have a very good instructor, like the one in my class. My batch is a high intensity batch and he really pushes you to finish all the 10/15/20 counts and go beyond your comfort zone. There have been couple of people who were interested in joining, come and see our class and I am pretty much sure that they were frighten and never joined. My instructor has a rule, (that’s actually how we tease him) he will be nice to you on your trial class. But once someone joins in, you are left with no other choice other than the workout, which we actually find it very fun.
The way I have been feeling lately, low, sad and depressed, yoga has been my saving grace. The more I practice, the more I am getting close to my own self and I am sure very soon small things are not going to bother me at all. I do meditate at home even after my chanting. I guess very soon the issues around me, small and big won’t effect me. In some way I am again trying to disconnect from the outside world to connect to my inner world and find inner peace and happiness within me. Because I think with work and other things around, somewhere I lost the connection to my inner self and all the peace and happiness. Like my life has become imbalanced, I realize it now. It’s very difficult to find a balance within you being in balance with the outside world, but not impossible. I even plan to go for a one month yoga course near the foothills of Himalayas, hope it happens soon, maybe this year.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

13 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 36!”

  1. This Artistic Yoga sounds very interesting.
    At least you have that, so be happy about it. Think positive.
    I got very ill back in Dec2013, was hospitalised, And have been on medication, including anxiety meds, for last two months. But I always think positive, and have been self soothing myself for years.
    So don’t be depressed. Continue blogging, it helps 🙂 . And Be Happy.

  2. At least you know what you’ve been suffering from and are making efforts to improve things. That’s really good to see. Just one thing, don’t be judgemental even about yourself.. 🙂 Happy blogging!!

  3. Because I don’t think happiness is something to be achieved by trying really hard. It comes when you stop thinking about it, when you say to yourself ‘come what may, I will stay happy’. It’s like you’ve already decided.

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