A Day To Life Post- 39!

Is it true that marriages are made in heaven? I just got back from attending one of my school friend’s engagement, total traditional one according to their customs. Can’t deny didn’t have fun because these are the only kind of occasions when the entire school gets a chance to meet. It doesn’t matter to us even if we meet like just once a year, we all still never forget to have fun. Some of us keep in touch and meet often, but some meet only occasionally. The engagement just made me think about the question, are marriages really made in heaven especially in this world. We don’t have time for ourselves and now there’s a new trend going on, couples prefer being independent and always ask for space from each other. How does one keeps the relationship going when one feels that he/she wants doesn’t want to talk to the other and doesn’t want to meet the other. How does one keep the spark going when there is no communication?
We tend to downplay the importance of everyday sharing and companionship while giving undue importance to the need for space and independence. Space is good, but you should even try to see that one doesn’t go so much into that space that the gap between the two becomes huge and it gets difficult to get back with each other again. The space shouldn’t be so much that when they meet, they don’t know what to talk about because you have not been talking at all. Why don’t some people understand that? Same way, being independent is good, but you need to understand that at some point of time you are at least emotionally dependent on the other. Then why pretend that you are independent and though. It just gets difficult for the other partner to communicate with you.
Nowadays relationships have become emotionally taxing, that’s what I have heard, but how is it taxing? No one forces someone to get into a relationship in the first place, you know each other and only after that you decide to get into a relationship. Then why blame it on the other all the time ?
So my question remains the same, are marriages still made in heaven, because if they did then you wouldn’t want the need to take sometime off, there wouldn’t be any space for that some space, you wouldn’t feel the need to be emotionally independent. There would have been more room for the need of sharing, companionship, caring, loving, supporting each other, being dependent on each other on the emotional end, you would feel the need to spend as much time as possible together.

2 thoughts on “A Day To Life Post- 39!”

  1. I believe in luck so I would say yes. But then they say it either when they regret something or when they’re too happy. I mean if you believe in luck then you will have to believe in divorces as well. No? 😀 But they are never alright with divorces; they say why the hell did this happen to them?

    Anyway, I have liked what you have written about space and dependence. I think the same. I mean how could one need some space from their so called soul-mate?? Not literally but I hope you know what I mean. Aptly put 🙂

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