Need Help!

Hi friends, since you all know that currently I am working on an independent project and I needed little help from all of you regarding the same. I am starting up my online travel portal which will display packages of all around the world, having the itinerary, pricing along with the option of customizing the holiday as per requirement. So it’s going to be more of a customizing holiday agency which later on plans to add a lot of different options relating with travel. Since it is at the beginning stage I wanted some help with the suggestions regarding with the name of the agency. I want the name to be little unique. I have couple to names in mind like: 
travelerboutique, and so on.
It would be great if you all could suggest some name for the agency as well. It would mean a lot to me. Hoping to see some great names. 

Thank You! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Need Help!”

  1. Wanderants is good.

    Others could be:
    Footloose (don’t know if it already exists)
    IGO (I’m going out)

    I like the last one most.

    1. Hi Puneet, thank you so much for helping me out.. I liked all the names you suggested. Hopefully they aren’t taken. Two are my best ones: Roadtracker and Takemiles. Lets see, hopefully they are available. Thank you once again. 🙂

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