A Day to Life Post- 41!

Life has been pretty good lately and to add onto it I will be traveling for 8 days. No, not on a business trip for now, but just taking a small holiday. Will be going to the north of India, Punjab and Amritsar visiting both my grandmothers, mom’s mother in Punjab and dad’s mother in Amritsar. Actually tomorrow is my granddad’s first death anniversary and so I wanted to go and see my grandma in Amritsar. I will be leaving on the 30 March, backpacking alone for the first time ever. Have few things and places to visit planned in my mind. I will be taking my laptop along with me, so going to be in touch with you all throughout my journey. 

Finally today, after all my friends asking my why I am not there on Instagram got myself an account on Instagram. I must say it’s very addictive. Today the entire day has gone on it, not getting a chance to work at all. I guess at times that’s fine. 
Well, will be back with my next post soon. 


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