A Day to Life Post- 44!

It’s been a month since I have been away from blogging. And it has been an amazing one month. Coming back from one trip, refreshed and then going for another holiday, why wouldn’t it be amazing. Yes, two holidays in one month’s span and this time it was Goa. A week of Goa felt like heaven and especially when I had such an amazing company. I returned from my North India trip on the 8 April and on 24 April my bags were packed again for one week of awesomeness. It was hard to believe that this was my first trip to Goa, well I did go there once when I was a child with family. It was my someone special s birthday and I had to make it special in every way, so decided to escape. We reached the land of beaches on 25 April with everyday being a different and a new experience for me. I realized that Goa has more to offer than the beaches, like Churches, Bird Sanctuaries, Wildlife Sanctuaries. 
We were staying near Anjuna beach, a backpacker’s paradise and a perfect place to be away from the hustle bustle. This place has a laid back attitude which seemed as a blessing for us, since we were tired with all the noise and hectic daily life. Our first night ended with an awesome sea food at an awesome restaurant at Vagator called Thalassa. Candle light dinner, amazingly cooked fish with a beautiful view facing the sea was a perfect start to my Goa trip. I think this restaurant should be in everyones to do list while planning a trip to Goa. 
Day two began with us waking up hungry and we were on the road finding breakfast around 9am. When we stepped outside the hotel, we saw that it had just stopped raining making the weather pleasant. I was so relieved that we were saved from the heat at least on the first day. We began our ride on Bullet, the bike which we hired for the week in search of food and reached Calangute beach. We were just enjoying the pleasant weather. We were shocked to see that all the places there open at 10am. Finally we saw the famous Infantaria Cafe at Calangute open and had breakfast. Came back to the hotel, brought some beer and this is when it actually started to feel like Goa.
Goa is also famous for the flea markets, especially the Saturday night market which lasts for 5-6 months. We were lucky that we got to see the last Saturday night market for the season. After this it would be open again in November. So for our day two evening, we decided to get dressed up, go to the last Saturday night market and then head to a club since it was a Saturday night. The Saturday night market was so colorful, that’s the first thought I had in my mind, with live music playing, with different type of food and alcohol. I saw so many different things that people were selling there and what attracted me the most was an amazing collect of the artifacts. It made me wonder that from where do they get such antique collection. There were many things which we liked and decided to buy in future. One has to visit this market if you like collecting antique things. After the market we head to a club called Club Cubana, it’s a night club in the sky. It is suppose to be the the only elite night club in Goa. If you are lucky you will get a place to sit, since it’s full most of the time. The place is open till 4am, so you can sit, relax, drink, eat, dance and if you want go jump in the swimming pool. Yeah, they have a pool inside and after midnight I saw many people jumping inside the pool. And thus ended our second night in Goa. The ambiance was nice. One must go there and experience it for themselves.
I still have more days to talk about, which I will continue in my other posts. Hope you all had fun reading it ! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 44!”

  1. I went to Goa for the first time in December last year, and I really enjoyed it! Club Cubana is an awesome club! And after reading your post I want to go back even more now!

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