A Day to Life Post- 45!

In my previous post, I covered the first two days at Goa. Day three began a bit on a relaxed note because the previous night we had too much to drink. It was Sunday and the next day was his birthday, so how to bring in his birthday became a question for me. We woke up in the afternoon went for lunch. Well, there’s one more thing everyone needs to try here is the Goan Fish/Prawns Curry with rice. I love seafood and Goa was like heaven for me in terms of seafood. Everyday for lunch and dinner I only ended up eating fish curry or prawns curry and rice and trust me it’s out of the world. Fresh fish and beautifully cooked gravy with all the fresh Goan spices, nothing beats all this.
After lunch we decided to laze around for some more time in the room, have couple of beers and then head to Anjuna Beach. Finally in the evening we were walking on the beach, my hair flying because of the wind and hearing the sea, we walked quietly and realized we had come too far. Inspite of people around I still felt as if I was walking alone and was just enjoying and taking in the entire experience. That day turned out to be the high tide day. After taking some pictures of the beach, we decided to sit at Cafe Lilliput for a drink. It was after a long time I felt so close to the nature. Sitting there, looking at the sea made me wonder how vast it might be and how many secrets did she know. Was there more space for my secret? I did share lot of thoughts with the sea. I know it’s weird but true. There have been times when I have been wanting to talk to someone desperately and that’s the time when there’s no one around to listen to me. That day, sitting there, I just poured my heart out by sharing lot of things, because I knew that she won’t tell anyone and I knew she was the only one listening to me. Not many know but over a year and a half I have changed a lot as a person. Learnt to be more calm, poised and patient with the people around me and with my life. I prefer to stay quite and not talk much, but there are days when I won’t stop talking.
Well, we started looking a place that would serve us prawns curry and rice again on the beach and found one. Just few hours were left for his birthday. We sat, relaxed, ate, soaked in the experience and talked. We decided to finally go back around 9pm. By now the sun was set and due to the high tide the sea had travelled a lot taking over almost the entire beach and most of our way back we were walking in the water. While we were going towards the hotel, we saw this live band playing in one of the cafe known as Guru Cafe. We decided to return to this cafe. It was fun. The music, the guitar made our feet tap. Spending sometime there we decided to go for dinner.
During dinner, we saw a couple come and looked like they were traveling around and after talking to them made our guess even more right. The guy was traveling since 3 years and the girl was traveling since a year and a half with him. They were in India since 5 months and were riding the Bullet from Bangalore that they had bought there and now wanted to sell it because they were leaving India for their onward journey to Dubai. Since I had recently been to Dubai, I gave them few places to visit and the must do things in Dubai. They had been to lot of places which is what even I want to do. It was mid-night, finally wished him and my mother as well. Ya my mother and him share the same birthday and my parents are even traveling. They are on their South India trip. The entire night went in talking and listening to their experience and sharing ours as well. It’s always good to meet like minded people. But at the same time it also made me wonder why do we have so many hangups where we are living? Why cant people around us be easy and have an open mind about everything in life? I had this question the entire night in my mind and with that thought we finally decided to call it a night around 4am. It was almost morning and we realized it was too late.
Finally, the third day had come to an end. It was nice and fun. Now Goa was growing on me and now I had started to feel that I was in Goa. There’s more for my Goa experience which I will share in my upcoming posts. Sharing some clicks I took at Anjuna Beach



2 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 45!”

  1. Hi Sonu! Every time you write about Goa it makes me want to go! I love seafood too and the dishes out there were amazing! I hope you enjoyed the birthday though even with all the thoughts running through your mind, if it helps I am very open-minded!

    1. Hi Jay, I am glad my posts are making you want to go back to Goa, because trust me it’s been a week since I am back and I want to go back already. Well, ya I managed to enjoy the birthday, I mean who wouldn’t since it was Goa..lol.. Thank you so much !

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