A Day to Life Post- 46!

In my previous two posts I shared the three days of my Goa experience. So it’s time for day four. Day four again started on a late note. After lunch all we did was relaxing, didn’t go anywhere. How could we, since the birthday boy was asleep himself. It gave me time to be with others from the group. We hanged around in the hotel itself and once everyone went out sightseeing I started watching back to back episodes of The Big Bang Theory on the laptop along with beers. I just love that show. Day four was all in a slow day for us and an argumentative day as well.
The day we reached Goa, we found out that there’s an old Mahadeva Temple, near Tambdi Surla, which is a 12th Century Shaivite temple of the Lord Mahadev, and it is situated in a Wildlife Sanctuary called Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctury. We believe in Shivji a lot, so we decided to go. We had the advantage of resting the previous day, so day five started early for us. We wanted to leave in the morning, because it would take us around 2 to 2 and a half hours of ride from Anjuna. The temple was on the border of Karnataka. Setting our destination on Google Maps, we began our journey at 10 am on the bike and the entire experience was amazing. Seeing so many different internal parts of Goa, different villages was nice. We had to ask people our way, and every village had their own accent of talking. As we were few kilometers away from the temple, the Wildlife Sanctuary started and on both our sides all we could see was dense forest. We were a bit off since we didn’t get to see any animals except a big kite that flew right above us. Trust me, if you want to dare someone, you should dare to ride on that route at night. During the day we found it spooky, I am sure at night it’s going to scare anyone. Even the road before the sanctuary is all spooky, with not even a single soul walking or passing from there. When we would see someone riding a bike, we would feel little better knowing that we weren’t the only one there.
As we reached near the temple, we kept wondering that this temple is so old, hope it’s well maintained and we were right. It was very well maintained and we found out that it belongs to one of the archaeological site of India. We were very happy seeing the temple, surrounded by a well maintained garden. The carvings on the stone of the temple was so nice and ancient, still looked the same.

Sharing few pictures of the temple.



After the temple, we had to come back and the sun was right above us, and it was getting hotter and hotter. We left from there and the ride back was now full of eagerness, eager to reach back to our hotel. In all we took around 6 hours to go and come back. We were tired but we still had rest of the day five ahead of us.
After dinner, we thought the day was over, but it wasn’t. We had this group of people in our hotel, Russians, and we would share a hello everyday. Today, the group invited us for a party which was happening at Anjuna beach. They told us it was just 10 minutes away, trust me it was not 10 minutes away. We started walking from our hotel around midnight, we reached the beach and started our walking again, it was dark, luckily we had a torch light with us, that’s all the light we had. And the party that seemed to be 10 minutes away, took us almost an hour to reach. We realized that the party was at the end of anjuna beach after reaching the place. It was my first ever trance party. I won’t say that I didn’t like it, but at the same time it was ok for a first experience. I do listen to trance music, and have never disliked it, so it was in all ok. Seeing soo many people just dancing to the music made me even dance to the music. After a while we came out and just sat near the sea shore. The soothing noise of the sea, the sky full of stars and trance music playing behind took me to a different place. We sat for almost an hour there, talked and then just stared at the sea and the sky. Goa is amazing, that’s all kept running in my head, I knew my trip was almost to an end and I didn’t want to go back. I was living in my fairytale, and didn’t want the story to end.

After realizing that it was 2am, we decided to walk our walk back to the hotel. Thankfully we had the torch light. It took us one hour to return and boy what a day we had. End of day five ! Finally ! Lol ! 🙂
Hope you all liked reading it as much as I loved sharing it with you all. Happy Weekend !

4 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 46!”

  1. Goa is amazing, and I too didn’t want to leave! Maybe next time I will also try to attend a trance party just for the experience of it!

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