A Day to Life Post- 47!

After a really long day five, day six was a relaxing day for us. Every Wednesday’s Anjuna has a flea market, where you can see people from different places getting together and putting up a market. Here you will find all sorts of things, clothing to shoes to accessories to artifacts to silver jewelry and so on, you name a thing it will be there. If you are a good bargainer, then it’s the perfect place for you to shop. The market is put up in the morning and continues the entire day till evening. We didn’t know the timings, so we reached there in the evening by then most of the people had already packed their stuff. We went around for sometime, seeing things, walked on anjuna beach and then decided to head to Baga.
Baga and Calangute beaches are on one big stretch, and these two places are commercial places. Here even at 10pm you will see the shops are open, unlike anjuna. Anjuna has a pretty laid back attitude. These two beaches are some 20 to 30 minutes ride from anjuna. My first reaction towards Baga was it is any day a polished place than anjuna, yet I loved Anjuna. We went riding for a bit, saw a river meeting the sea near Baga beach, then decided to eat something. My youngest brother had bragged a lot about Britto’s in Baga, even before I was leaving for Goa, he reminded me again to go and eat at Britto’s, so that’s what we did. Britto’s not only has the best ambience on Baga beach but the food have to say was amazing as well. We just tried the starters since we were still tired from our previous day and just wanted to go back and sleep. All we ordered was the sea food platter and it won’t be wrong to say that it was the best sea food platter I must have ever had. It had cocktail prawns, a grilled fish, calamari, a crab, mussels, some french fries and salad. I love sea food but I am not a calamari fan, this was cooked in burnt garlic sauce and to my surprise I loved it. It was cooked perfectly. I even loved the cocktail prawns and the grilled fish, the crab and mussels were nice too.
We winded up early and went back to our hotel. After drinking couple of more beers, lot of thoughts started running in my head, I made some decision which was very difficult for me to make, but I had to. I know that decision is going to hurt me a lot but guess didn’t have another choice. With that thought I called it a night along with a feeling that only tomorrow is what I have in Goa, day after I will be at home by this time.

Hope you like this small post about Goa. 🙂
Here’s a picture of the sea food platter I had in Britto’s


2 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 47!”

  1. I stayed in Calangute, and next time I will go to Britto’s as the seafood platter does look good!
    I hope though after making your difficult decision you were okay.

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