Love, can hurt even!

I made the mistake of trusting someone again,
And it was broken again.

I made the mistake of loving someone,
And in return all I got is pain all over again.

They say once the trust is broken it takes a lifetime to repair,
I say what about the heart which is shattered into thousand pieces? 

They say to never trust anyone,
But I say how can you not trust someone when you are in love?

I walked thousand miles with you,
Only to find myself walking alone all over again.

Love was never meant to hurt,
But in the end it always hurts you somehow.



5 thoughts on “Love, can hurt even!”

  1. The way my a person a lot wiser than myself once explained it all was that there are highs and lows…and aren’t those space level highs worth those lows? It makes you feel ALIVE at the very least.

    But with that said I wish you the best and hope you are okay!

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