A Day to Life Post- 52!

We all like road-trips especially when planned at the last minute. That’s what we did, took our little road-trip to a near by hill station called Lonavala which is less than a 3 hour drive from Mumbai. I was as it is tired with the city life and was wanting to go on a break of some kind so yesterday was my one day mini break since we had to return back today.
Lonavala is a town and a hill station in Pune district around 96 kms away from Mumbai and it’s the favourite place for all the people living in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. During monsoon season this place is no less than heaven. This place looks more beautiful with greenery everywhere. During rains it gets foggy here making it very difficult to drive and that’s what we experienced today on our way back home. It was pouring and we were driving through the clouds/fog making the visibility almost to zero. We couldn’t even see whats ahead of our car and where the road was turning. There were mini waterfalls on the Expressway, resembling a scene from a painting. I have been to lonavala many times but I think I was visiting for the first time during monsoons. Now I know why people come from here especially during the rains. Yesterday when we were reaching there we could see cars and cars parked on the side of the highway and people getting out of their cars just to click pictures. People come here for a day trip on a Sunday morning and return back by evening.
It was a nice, relaxing and a refreshing short trip. I clicked few pics while returning uploading them for you all to see. 🙂





A Day to Life Post- 51!

It’s Saturday night, I am home sitting with a glass of vodka, watching The Dark Knight sitting alone in my living room and thinking that’s it’s the best movie ever with the best villain ever, Joker. Yes, that’s how I spend my Saturday night’s actually this is how I spend most of my weekends. Most of my friends maybe partying right now and so is that someone special, because he prefers to spend most of the weekends and weekdays with his friends, yup that’s true. Can anyone believe it? I don’t think I look that bad, do I ? Lol!
Well, recently I have come to a conclusion that no one loves me, all the people around me want me in their life is because they want something from me. Is it just me who feels like that or is this the normal human behavior, are we humans so selfish? Is that the only reason why we want someone in our life irrespective of the fact whether we like or love them or even appreciate the fact that they exists? Not just existence but we conveniently ignore the fact that they have feelings too. Because lately someone’s behavior towards me is making me feel like that. Even my parents and family want something out of me, I have stopped feeling the love from everyone. I have always mentioned this in my earlier posts as well, that why cant we ever appreciate or value someone we have in our life, why do we end up taking each other for granted all the time? Is it that we feel that the other person will never go anywhere and will bare everything? Is this the reason why start taking everything for granted? Because if that’s the case then we should also remember that the other person has his/her limit of tolerance. Why wait till the last minute for the person to explode? We all need to think about this, even me because the truth is even I am not perfect. I have lots of flaws, won’t deny that I don’t.
I have been wanting to go somewhere, to some part of the country alone for sometime, not to go away from everywhere, but to find myself. I just feel there’s a lot of noise around me, where ever I go, whatever I do, due to which I am just getting away from myself. I miss the quietness where all I could hear was my own thoughts. Hopefully it happens soon. Just two days back I asked my BFF for a therapist’s number. I told her that I need to see a shrink, actually need to see someone who will just listen to me talk, won’t comment or judge till I am done talking. Guess there’s no harm in trying a therapist since we live in a stressful society, our lives are filled with stress relating to any matter. We do require someplace or someone where we can vent all out and share our emotions. Anyways.

Yesterday received a sad news from my uncle, I lost my Aunt in USA, my mom’s brother’s wife. It was really sad the way she passed away and she wasnt even 50 years. She was hospitalised since a week and with multiple organ failure. She was always full of energy, full of smile and laughter, full of happiness no matter what ever the situation was. I can only remember her smiling face. She lived her life on her own terms and lived it to the fullest. A lady with a strong personality. She has a 18 years old son and I very well know how it feels to lose a parent. My uncle and she got divorced just two years back, but obviously he is pretty bumped too. Just sometime back when I was talking to my mother, we both could only recall how nice she was, she did have flaws too, who doesn’t, but she was a nice human being. When my grand mom, my mother’s mom in Punjab, heard the news she started crying all she said was that my aunt was a good human being. My aunt would call my grand mom and talk for hours. My granny was found of her. Whenever we spoke to her or visited my uncle and her in the US she would treat us like her own child and would always call us beta (means a child in hindi). She has two more siblings, a sister who is elder and a younger brother. She would blast music in her car and always wanted we all should dance. That’s one memory I will always remember, a funny one though. It’s sad to know that she won’t be physically present but she will always remain in thoughts and in our memories. Feel bad for her old parents and her siblings. She always taught all the kids to live life on our own terms. I will always miss her and will always love her! May she rest in peace ! 
Well I think this is life, like we say, we never care for someone till the time they are with us, it’s only when they leave us we understand their importance. I don’t remember when was the last time I spoke to her, and today I feel I should have stayed in touch with her because now no matter how much ever I will try, will never get to talk to her.
I pray she is happy wherever she is today! 
God Bless Her! 

A Day to Life Post- 50!

It’s really been a long time yet again, and I have no excuse for not writing. Well last post was about my birthday and yes I had not a wonderful time but a nice time. Actually now thinking about it, my birthday was a sad one. I have had much better and awesome birthdays before. I guess something is better than nothing. Last year I had planned to not be in Mumbai for my birthday, but it didn’t work out. Hopefully next year I travel on my birthday.
My work has been getting delayed due to some reason or the other. After my birthday I finalized a web designer for my travel portal but due to certain issues it didn’t work out and I had to start the hunt for searching for a designer all over again. And even this new designer seems to be taking his own sweet time which has stared irritating me now. These couple of months have taught me one thing that entrepreneurship is not an easy task and the funny part is everyone forgets to mention it to you whenever you tell them that you are starting up your own business. It has been a good learning process, and in my life I must have never spoken to so many people at one time the way I am doing now. At the moment I am alone handling everything, right from talking to the designer to vendors to making the back end to getting the company registered to follow ups with everyone to God knows what not. LOL! But it’s an interesting ride as of now. I now sometimes feel that why did I wanted to start this in the first place and also that I should just quit and take up a job which will give me a steady income. But then I am not the ones to give up and quit so easily.
With so much on my plate, I just want to run away right now. LOL! I am thinking of going on a vacation and just get away from all of this for sometime. To a place where I don’t have to use my laptop and there’s no cell phone connection. But, the time I start getting such thoughts my chanting comes to my rescue. It helps me to calm myself and get my thoughts in order.
I guess soon I will be traveling, planning to go to Darjeeling in October or to Kedarnath Temple in September. Darjeeling is a town in West Bengal and Kedarnath Temple is in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand. Both are beautiful places. Kedarnath Temple is one of the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to the God Shiva and is located on the Garhwal Himalayan range near the Mandakini river in Kedarnath. And I have been wanting to go to Kedarnath for over a year now and had decided to go this year for my birthday. Let’s see which plans works out. Hoping either one of the plan gets executed.

The best part for a month has been the FIFA World Cup, such amazing matches with some amazing players. Throughout the world cup I was supporting Netherlands, and trust me I am in love with Arjen Robben :D. And seeing them lose last night made me so sad. There’s no doubt that Argentina was an amazing side as well. But my heart went out for Brazil, especially looking at the fans cry in the stadium. Well, it’s going to an interesting finals.

Well, we are just a day away from the weekend so Happy Weekend everyone and may the best team win the World Cup!