A Day to Life Post- 52!

We all like road-trips especially when planned at the last minute. That’s what we did, took our little road-trip to a near by hill station called Lonavala which is less than a 3 hour drive from Mumbai. I was as it is tired with the city life and was wanting to go on a break of some kind so yesterday was my one day mini break since we had to return back today.
Lonavala is a town and a hill station in Pune district around 96 kms away from Mumbai and it’s the favourite place for all the people living in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. During monsoon season this place is no less than heaven. This place looks more beautiful with greenery everywhere. During rains it gets foggy here making it very difficult to drive and that’s what we experienced today on our way back home. It was pouring and we were driving through the clouds/fog making the visibility almost to zero. We couldn’t even see whats ahead of our car and where the road was turning. There were mini waterfalls on the Expressway, resembling a scene from a painting. I have been to lonavala many times but I think I was visiting for the first time during monsoons. Now I know why people come from here especially during the rains. Yesterday when we were reaching there we could see cars and cars parked on the side of the highway and people getting out of their cars just to click pictures. People come here for a day trip on a Sunday morning and return back by evening.
It was a nice, relaxing and a refreshing short trip. I clicked few pics while returning uploading them for you all to see. 🙂






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