A Day to Life Post- 55!

My buddhist members in my new district and one of my close friend are the best people I could have ever asked for at this time of life. Since Monday for 3 days haven’t been able to stop myself from crying, tears kept rolling down every second on every thought of us, remembering every word spoken on Monday, so hurtful and so painful. For three days kept trying to make things better, but now have come to a point where just don’t know what to do. Yesterday one of the senior leader in my buddhist practice read my message on the group that we have created on what’s app and the minute she read that I was going through a rough time she messaged me asking to meet. It was mere coincidence because I was also thinking of meeting this particular leader since I connect with her more than the other members.
I am still confused as to what should I do. To clear my head and thoughts went to a nearby Gurdwara yesterday evening, that’s one place where I find peace. On my way back home met other 2 buddhist members and just casually mentioned that I am in the low life state since couple of days. Without any questions they both decided to have an alliance chanting session from our respective houses at a particular time. By time we finished chanting, there was so much of positive vibes around me and the others. Though we were chanting from our own houses but the quality of chanting was amazing and very vibrant.
I felt little better but then again went back to thinking what to do when the person whom you love tells you they don’t want to be with you anymore for reasons which can be solved. There’s a solution of our problem but that the person doesn’t want to listen to it or even try to solve it. It’s like he just wants to run away once again making excuses and giving reasons without wanting to try for one last time. I don’t know what to do is all keeps running in my mind. Feel like a body without a soul. Hope can find some solution.


4 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 55!”

  1. I remember interviewing for jobs back when I was in the labor “pool” (I’m now self-employed). Inevitably, some companies didn’t hire me. It can be quite disconcerting getting rejection after rejection.

    The way I found to positively deal with these rejections was to tell myself: “That’s okay. I did not want to work for that company anyway because our vibes don’t match, and I would have hated it there.”

    And it worked. I felt much better getting rejections.

    I started realizing that this can be applied to everything in life, even relationships (and I’ve had several that “fell through”).

    Clearly your vibes do not match your mate’s. He’s on a different vibrational plane than you are. Which plane is right, which is the better one? For you, yours is, and you have to follow your own course with your own vibes.

    The saying “if it’s meant to be…” really talks about vibes. If your vibes match another person’s, if you’re both on the same path in this journey, the same “frequency,” then that relationship will be solid.

    Don’t get trapped into focusing on what went wrong, what you could have done differently, this or that. All this only serves to lower your vibes.

    Stay positive to keep your vibes positive. Those positive vibes will draw to you a lover who will surpass all past relationships. For that, I have no doubt. And you must not doubt either.


    1. Thank you so much. I guess you are right. There’s no point thinking what went wrong and what I could have done differently. I’m trying to stay positive and I’m sure soon will meet someone who will love me immensely irrespective of what the people around us say. And even I don’t doubt this anymore. 🙂
      Thank you very much Michael. It really means a lot.

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