A Day to Life Post- 56!

It’s almost 4am early morning of Sunday, and I just happen to reach home sometime back spending the Saturday night at my brother’s place as he and his wife had invited my patents and siblings for dinner. All I am doing right now instead of sleeping is looking outside the window at this time of hour and I can still find cars on the road. Everyone is celebrating their Saturday night, my once the special one are you even ? That’s all I can think right now, which is not allowing me to sleep. In a relationship it’s so easy for one person to decide the end of the relationship and the other is left all alone to suffer. There was a time when he would come under my window at early mornings and call me just to hear me say hello in sleepy voice. He would wait for hours under my window and finally call me so I could come to the window and see him before the sun rise. All that time is gone. All that time is history and is past. It’s easy for everyone to say that forget it and it wasn’t meant to be but it’s really heartbreaking to actually imply that in reality. I somehow know and can feel that when right now I am sitting and looking outside the window writing this post, he somewhere in the same city as mine might be thinking about me atleast a bit.
It’s been a week since we had that fight and it’s going to be a week he decided to break up. I recently read in Steve Jobs biography that neglect is a kind is abuse in itself. I was being neglected and I just wanted to put that across him and let him know but I guess that became the reason for him to convey his feeling that he is done and doesn’t want to be with me anymore.
Today or tomorrow you are going to read this post, because according to you this is the only way of communication for you. I remember you mentioning it a lot of times even earlier. I just want you to know that at this time I am looking outside my living room window and remembering the first time you standing below my window and asking me to come out of my house at mid night so we could go to one of our dance class friend s birthday party and this took place 5 and a half years back. Yes that’s how long it’s been knowing you and trust me no one can ever know you better than me. Almost 6 years and it is a long time. Hope you realise it one day. I know your happiness, your sadness, your mood swings and what you adore the most like no one can ever know.
Anyways. Happy weekend everyone !! May everyone get their true love !!


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