A Day to Life Post- 58!

Today we celebrated our 68th Independence Day. That’s how many years it has been since we achieved freedom.
But what does freedom really mean especially for women in today’s world ? Do women have the freedom of doing whatever they feel like ? Do they have the freedom of doing what their hearts tell them ? No, they don’t. It’s bitter but true. Females do not even have the freedom to walk on the road after sunset without having the fear of being teased or passed comments at. It’s really sad when every single day you hear a girl, a woman being molested or raped. Yes, everyday. You put on the news and one will hear atleast one to two such incidences.
What does freedom mean to such men ? Is this the meaning of freedom for them ? How can a country progress when the women are treated so badly? I remember an incidence that happened with me some 20 months back. Two years back when me and my ex were together we would very often go to a near by book store. We went there very frequently since we both liked books and would like to sit there and just read. I happen to see this man there one day and he kept staring at me, I ignored. The second time we went he was somehow again there after few minutes like he emerged from somewhere and stood near me and would pretend to be reading the book and stare. I ignored the second time as well. The third time it happened again and then it struck me that something was fishy and then I went finding my then boy friend in the store and stood close to him letting that man know that I was not alone. It happened couple of more times and the scary part was the store was in a mall near my house. After few months me and my ex broke up the first time and there was a gap since I had last visited the book store and didn’t see him there when I went alone. After the break up I would go visit a nearby Gurdwara everyday and one day I decided to come home walking. It was not more than half and hour walk and while I was 5 minutes away from my house i saw that same man coming from front and he stopped. My heart started pumping really bad, I blanked out. He started talking to me saying I like you and all that shit. I didn’t know what to do whom to call but I didn’t stop. I couldn’t call my ex for help so I put my phone on my ear while walking and pretended that I was talking to somehow and didn’t hear him and just walked passed him. Then I called my BFF since her house was also close and told her what happened. Well this didn’t end here. After few days I saw him in the same Gurdwara that I would go to. This time I didn’t know how to go home. Then I decided that if he troubles me again I will make a scene and ask the priests there to call the cops. When I went down to go home he couldn’t do anything since there were lot of people and I somehow managed to escape catch an auto (public transport) and took a longer route back home. After that day I didn’t go to the Gurdwara for a really long time. This incidence was really scary, just the thought that something could happen to me and even I could have been a victim of such a crime scared me and will haunt me for life. Imagine the women who have gone through such incidences, being molested, being raped. Can’t even imagine what they must have through.

In 68 years we might have advanced in some areas but when it comes to respecting women we are lacking way behind. There are some sick men who don’t even leave a 3 year old child, seriously. I have even heard a 3 year old girl, a child being molested or raped. What has that child done to you ?
To be honest all the inequality against women starts from the fake and so called society that we have created for our own selves. Right from birth a male child is given more importance and treated in a different way than a female child. The inequality starts right from that time. When they grow up and if a man does something even if it’s wrong is always considered right and if the same thing is done by woman she is talked ill behind her back. Why ? It all starts from here.

Every year during Independence Day the PM hoists the flag and this time it was our newly elected Prime Minister’s first flag hoisting at the Red Fort in Delhi. After the hoisting the PM addresses the nation with a speech and this time even he spoke about Women’s Protection and Empowerment. In his speech he emphasized on the urgent need for a change in societal values with regard to women’s empowerment and protection. And he also mentioned that the growing numbers of rape cases is a matter of shame, and that the solution is to raise sons who can respect women and adhere to values.
I hope these criminals, these men were listening to his speech and hopefully gave a thought about it. Because a country’s freedom in true sense is based on the freedom of the women of the country. A country where the females feel safe, are respected and are treated equally as men instead of always being the victims of a horrible crime like molestation and rape. That time it will be a progressed country, that time freedom will be achieved.

Happy Independence Day and Happy Weekend Everyone !!


8 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 58!”

  1. Unfortunately, Sonu, what you and other women face there happens in every country in the world. Some worse than others.

    There have been many discussions, documentaries, lectures, books and other forums that have tackled this problem. Sadly, without any real resolution.

    Be safe.

      1. That’s true. Compassion is the most important thing to change ourselves.
        My Buddhist practice is going good and strong. In Nichiren s Buddhism compassion is one thing we believe in a lot. On 21 September we have our exam, it’s an exam to see how much we have understood about the practice. And I am so grateful to my senior leaders , they have helped me a lot since the break up and have encouraged me to move on happily in life. 🙂

      2. That’s great, Sonu. I’m so happy it’s coming along for you.

        How far do you want to take your Buddhism? Are you going to become part of a center or is this just for personal growth.

        Learning Buddhism, I would say, is definitely moving happily on in life. I can’t think of anything anyone could do for themselves and others than to practice the loving nature of Buddhism.

        And good luck to you on your exam (remember to create a post afterwards!). 🙂

      3. Thanks Michael!

        So in Nichiren’s Buddhism we believe in a philosophy, and believe in one of the Shakyamuni Buddha’s sutra called the Lotus Sutra. In Nichiren Buddhism, we don’t change our religion, but we change our way of thinking. We chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo which means I bow down to the mystic law in cause and effect. We chant for happiness for ourselves and for others. We believe that whatever actions, deeds we make now becomes the cause for our future which becomes the effect. In short believing a lot in Karma, and that we have encountered this law to change our karma of the past by chanting since we all are born with our own set of karma’s. Its a very deep study and the end result is personal growth as well and giving us a chance to enlighten the buddha in us. We believe that all of us are born with buddha in themselves, its just how and when you realize it to get enlighten and bring out the buddha in us.

        As you said, learning buddhism is moving on happily in life.
        I will surely write a post about my exam as well. Since I am a year and a half into the practice I will be giving an introductory exam, its mainly to know the history of the practice and history of Nichiren Daishonin, Soka Gakkai in Japan and the 3 founding presidents.

        Thank you for your wishes! 🙂

    1. That sounds awesome, Sonu!

      I’ve been getting into reading a lot about Buddhism lately. I love the philosophy.

      Email me at michaelgenford [at] yahoo.com if you’d like to continue this discussion. I know I would like that. 🙂

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