A Day to Life Post- 60!

Good Bye’s are the hardest thing we humans have to face and especially saying good bye to a childhood friend whom you know for more than 25 years of your life is even more hard. Yesterday, that’s what me, my brother and his wife along with couple of other friends did. We gave a farewell to one of the most amazing friend I have known for my entire life. Since she is relocating to South Africa to be with her husband, and so this post is dedicated to her.

I moved into the apartment that I am living in when I was around 4 or 5 years old. My brother and I had these two amazing friends, sisters living below our apartment and from the age of 4 or 5 we hit it off as best buddies. The four of us would always have each others back and shared every tiny secrets. We four shared such an amazing bond, bond of friendship and bond of being extended families. The two sisters have always been like elder sisters to me.

As kids all we wanted to do was play all day long. During our summer vacations we would wake up early in the mornings and go cycling, then come back and break unripe mangoes from trees, cut them and eat. Our games changed according to the season, during monsoons football was a must for all the kids in the building. Then all of a sudden we would get a craze for playing badminton to racing to kho kho to dodge ball to all the possible outdoor games one can think of. Sundays would be our camping day in the garden in our building backyard getting lunch and sharing amongst each other. What an amazing childhood we had!

We four grew up like real brother and sisters, and both the families relatives knew about us 4 as well. We would just land up at each others place without any hesitation, eat, sit, chit chat or play UNO or monopoly and so on. We four would make up scary ghost stories and scare the new kids in the building. Which was very funny because after that they wouldn’t come to play for few days.
Over the years I became more closer to the younger sister who is 2 years elder to me. She has been there with me through all my ups and downs in life, be it my father’s passing or my fiancé’s demise or the heart breaking break up with my ex. She has seen it all and has been there with me. That’s the reason I was pretty sad about her moving but at the same time happy that after more than a year she will be with her husband. Because in 10 years this was the first time they were away from each other and for so long. 

I think there are some bonds which we are born with and there are some bonds which we make in our lifetime, these are the bonds we make apart from our family which are in true sense unbreakable. This is the kind of bond I share with her and I am very much it will always remain the same. Because if bonds are true then miles don’t matter, it’s the heart that does.

I will miss you loads especially the unexpected meetings in the building and talking for hours.
I wish her all the very best for her future and for an adventurous journey she is about to begin with her husband in a new place with new people with a new life! 

3 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 60!”

  1. Friendship is like new family for us where we don’t fear for any thing. we say, do from the heart. and if you have one true friend it means your life is full of joy , worthful. luckily you have more than one.

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