A Day to Life Post- 64!

How many of us have ever felt that Sunday morning’s couldn’t have been better ? Well I feel that way today, my Sunday morning couldn’t have been any better, because today I appeared for my first entrance exam in my Buddhist practice.

It’s going to be two years since I have become a follower of Nichiren’s buddhism and the organization holds exams to test how deep is our faith and how much do we understand of his teachings and the practice. Well my journey for the exam has been amazing, right from preparing to appearing. We were given a book titled Basics of Buddhism which included the life of Nichiren Daishonin, history of Soka Gakkai, two Gosho’s and concepts based on the practice.

Last month we started having study meets with leaders explaining us the concepts, making it easier for us to understand. We had to remember dates, way too many dates and I must say thanks to my leaders it all became easy to remember. A week and a half back I faced a devil attack, I suddenly fell ill with fever, cold and cough. I didn’t feel like studying and wasn’t even sure whether I should sit for the exam. In my head I knew it was a devil attack and that I cannot give in. Somehow on this Wednesday, knowing that I had to start studying and overcome my sickness which was acting as a hindrance for my exam. And mystically I forgot that I was sick with a bad cold and fever.

The exam was a one hour paper with objective questions and within 15-20 minutes I was done with my paper, 45 minutes before time.

We have amazing concepts like mentor and disciple, ten worlds and mutual possession of ten worlds, kosen rufu, many in body and one in mind, and so on. The best part of studying was understanding the life of Nichiren Daishonin, it is really amazing how a person can go through 4 persecutions and 2 exiles in his lifetime while he was propagating the law in 1200’s. Also, how amazing is it that all our three presidents of Soka Gakkai had to undergo the same by being prisoned and not giving up the faith in the Law.
I think now I feel all the more closer to my mentors and Sensei Ikeda. It’s like an awakening in me that even I am a bodhisattva of the earth and to make kosen rufu my mission and propagate the law. Also I have realized that now is the right time to imply all the concepts in my life.

There’s so much of energy is me right now, I can feel so many positive vibrations around me and within me that I just can’t stop smiling and being happy even though I haven’t totally recovered yet. Well now tell me, isn’t this the best Sunday morning anyone can have? I am passing my exam that’s for sure, it’s the faith in my study 🙂

Have an amazing, positive, energetic, compassionate and a bright Sunday everyone !!


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