A Day to Life Post- 66!

How long does one take for closures? Closures on past relationships. Well recently I tried putting a closure by sending an apology mail to a person from my past, whom I now realised that I hurt him some 5 years back and owed an apology.

Apologising to someone takes a lot of courage, at least I did. It took me two years to actually write “I am sorry” in an email which I truly meant. Yes, it took me two years. All this time I kept thinking what to write and how to write it. Thanks to my practice finally last week I got the courage to write it down, and the toughest part was to click on the send button.

I think you can only understand other’s pain when you are put through the same situation or the same pain. Chanting has for sure made me a wiser person. To be honest I don’t expect that person to reply back due to whatever happened 5 years back. One thing my BFF shared with me, that everyone takes their time to get their own closure, and I agree with her.

Today I know one thing that I have done my part and it makes me feel much better, it’s like a burden is taken off my shoulder.


7 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 66!”

      1. I have one question for your point of you.
        lets assume some one very close with you cheated you.
        after knowing this you took very harsh decision, what will be your decision ?

      2. I have been there my friend. And I decided to forgive that person and gave the relationship another try. But sadly it didn’t work the second time too. So, the most important part is to forgive ourself and others. Why ourselves ? Because only when you forgive yourself, you can forgive others easily. And it feels nice.

      3. I think you are right, may be i am touring myself.
        it’s best way to move on but sometimes it takes very long time. being a emotional fool is also a problem 🙂

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