A Day to Life Post- 68!


Is it true ? Is karma really the sweetest revenge ? I just met my best friends over dessert sometime ago and while chatting about the struggles, the pain of life, all I kept thinking in the back of my head that karma is the sweetest revenge. I believe in it, I also believe that what goes around come around. There are some those dont realise it especially when they break all the limits while hurting the other person but it’s true even such people are going to face the same at some point in their life.
How can I be so sure about karma ? Because I have gone through it, like I had mentioned in my post recently, I did hurt someone 5 years in some way and two months back I went through almost the same situation in which I was hurt. It all came back to me. And I am also sure that the person who caused me immense pain is going to go through the same pain in his life. It’s not that you pray for it but it’s the fact of life.
After practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism I have become a very stronger believer in karma, not that I doubted it earlier but after coming to practice lot of aspects of life are becoming clear as I grow in faith and in the practice.
Today for our zadankai, we had selected the concept “voluntarily assuming the appropriate karma” and I was like always a part of the study group at the last minute. I took up the relationship karma, there are various other karmas people are born with like health, financial, career, and so on. Since my leaders knew about my recent break up and the passing of my father and fiancΓ©, I thought it would be appropriate to choose the relationship karma. Relationship karma can be with anyone, it could be problems with parents, or spouse or sibling or one’s boss at work, any kind of relationship. The study says that we voluntarily have taken a vow that we will be born with this karma long long long time ago. And with the pattern that I see in my relationships with everyone, I don’t doubt that I did make a vow. The only way to get rid of it is to face the karma in the present life and not giving up. And when I look back, everytime I fell down on my face, I have always stood up and moved on with a smile on my face. I have never given up, which is a very tough thing to do.
We also spoke during the meeting that we all are born with certain set of people and we share the similar karmas. It could be similar to our parents karma or similar to our siblings. Either we choose our parents with similar karma or our parents select us, which also has taken place many many centuries ago. So many times you will see you sharing a similar karma either with your parents or someone from the family.

So, yes I do believe that karma is the sweetest revenge, I also believe that it’s a silent revenge. And no matter how hard one tries, they have to go through it in their lifetime.
That is why, it is important to be good with other, have good thoughts about others, let your actions be good towards others and never hurt anyone, because karma does exist and you will never know when it will knock on your door.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend !!


9 thoughts on “A Day to Life Post- 68!”

  1. Initially i thought this post is inspired by statement of Satya (recent social media furore) but as i read i sensed something deeper. i also suffering from karma not one i think more than two, but i will not name it. you are getting deeper and deeper by every day. your post don’t have any name but it’s like nameless, formless post which just convey what you want to say. i will love to meet you someday if it ever possible in my karma πŸ™‚

    1. Karma is something we all have in life but some are aware of it and some are not. Some dont believe that karma really exist. It’s thanks to the practice that I have been following my thoughts and my mind has opened up to lot of things in life. And I guess life and struggles are a teacher. Such struggles teach you to only get stronger in life .. That’s what has happened to me. I am becoming stronger and stronger day by day .. There’s particularly no hardship in life that I have seen or been though.
      Us meeting on WordPress is also somewhere related to karma.
      Be happy in life in your present and decide about your future happily, it will surely manifest the way you imagine it to be.

      1. πŸ™‚ try and try every single day. I have got this guidance from my leaders to happily imagine my future and it will manifest that way. So try every day my friend.

  2. I have one question – you mention different type of karma ? is it true that every being have to experience all type of karma or like you mention you vow for this particular karma?

    1. Yes, those who have the understanding of karma, will know that whatever they are facing in life is due to their past karma, and there’s no particular number of karmas one faces. One might be wealthy rich but still will face relationship or health karma. And one with a good health will face relationship and career and finance karma.
      Also you need to know that your behaviour with others in this or past lifetimes are taken into account as well. You have to go through even the effect of the good or bad caused you have done in this or previous lifetime.

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